About Me

Why hello!


I am Lorna and welcome to my personal blog where I capture tidbits about my life.

I have a full time job which is a bummer but I really do cram my free time to the brim.

2013 was a cram packed year for me, especially with my largely hand made wedding in May.

2014 is going to be the year that my husband and I buy our first home. It's my first year as the President of West Ealing WI, I'm competing with East London Brass Band and I'm continuing to hone my crafting skills, particularly making cute things out of yarn. I've also upgraded my camera and seriously hope to improve my photography skills.


I've also set up a choir and will be entering the Women's Institute Singing for Joy competition with the ambitious aim of becoming the WI Choir of the Century!

I do a lot and I really want to spend more time capturing the moment. Project:Lorna is one of the ways that I hope to do this.