How to set up a running club


Following on from my successful completion of the couch to 5k running programme with a group of friends I am sharing how I set up a running club from scratch.

1. Identify a group of people
By definition a club consists of people so you’ll need to recruit some other people. I started with my work friends because we’d all been threatening to start exercising and I knew that we were all at the same level – absolute beginner. You only need 1 other person but the more people there are the greater accountability you’ll have.
I had 5 people join Team Scrambled Legs and it is a great number as it means that even if some people cannot make the run, there’s always at least 2 people hitting the road.

Within a few weeks, Sam joined in and it's great to have another motivator for the weekend runs.


2. Identify a time you can run
If you haven’t got the time to run you simply won’t do it. I wanted to run at lunchtime so as not to eat into my own time before and after work. Pick a time that works with your schedule. If you’re not a morning person, don’t plan to get up at 6am to get a run in before work.

3. Get a running plan
I cannot recommend this enough. As an absolute beginner to running it was easy to pick a plan and there are loads of couch to 5k running plans to follow. I picked the one from the NHS website and we followed it to the letter. I think it is important to start slowly and build up at an appropriate pace. Having a plan meant we always knew what we were looking to achieve and I don’t think that we could have dragged ourselves out of the building if we’d have been aimlessly jogging along. Mentally ticking off each run of the programme is hugely rewarding and a motivator to keep going.

4. Set a goal
I personally need a goal to work towards and get me lacing up my trainers no matter what. The obvious goal for our running programme was a 5k race at the end of the 6 weeks. Seeing our progress towards the race was a real motivator.


5. Put it in your diary
Once you know when you’ll be running, get it booked in everyone’s diaries. Make sure everyone knows when they are to be where.

6. Send text reminders to members
Running at lunchtime at work meant that we all needed to remember to bring our running kit in the mornings. To prevent people from forgetting their kit I sent them a text either the night before or the morning of a run.

7. Run!
Enjoy it and have fun!


New goal achieved: Started running!

One of the many reasons why I haven't had as much time to devote to Project:Lorna recently has been a new hobby in my life: running.

For those who know me well, they know that the news that Sam and I ran a 5k race this morning will be a crazy shock:


About 7 weeks ago the unbelievable words "we should start a running club" came out of my mouth and today we did our first race.

Sam and I crossed the line together, well within nine tenths of a second, and at 34 minutes and 22 seconds I'm pretty delighted to come in under our target time of 35 mins.

Team Scrambled Legs achieved something great today and it feels so good!

Beekeepers Quilt Update: Why I love the hexapuff

I've documented my attempts to learn to knit in the face of immense lack of natural talent or basic ability. And then I found the continental method and finally found myself feeling a tiny bit more adept with knitting needles. In need of a project that would feel like an accomplishment but also be small enough to manage I pledged to start the beekeepers quilt on my 28th Birthday.

I love the hexapuff and here's why:

1. Knitting with 3 needles is not easy at first so when you accomplish it, by god it feels good. And when you look down at your hands achieving something you never thought possible, you really do feel proud of yourself. This is probably not a feeling felt by experienced knitters.

2. It is perfect as a travelling project, the double pointed needles are shorter than normal and sock wool doesn't take up a lot of space. It is easy to carry around in a handbag and whip out the needles for a spot of knitting when the opportunity arises.

3. Hexapuffs are so cute. I don't know why, I don't understand it, but they are!

4. It's a great excuse for people to give me sock wool. I had no idea that so many people had it lying around but I've had 3 separate wool donations already.

Our wedding has officially been blogged!

I have been sat on my hands to stop myself from blogging about our wedding before it was officially featured on Boho Weddings and today it hit the internet. Excited is not the word!!!!

Check out the full article over at

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