WI College - Sewing Class with May Martin

Oh hey guys, are you enjoying the Great British Sewing Bee on BBC2?  I sure am!

And did I tell you that I've met one of the judges: May Martin?

ProjectLorna with May Martin of Great British Sewing Bee

My final session at Denman College in December was a sewing class with May Martin.

We made three Christmas decorations and they're very professional looking if I do say so myself.

Here's Emma wearing our first efforts as earrings:


The sewing classes at Denman College aren't just run by celebrity tutors. They're in a wonderful purpose built sewing room and cover every type of sewing you can possibly think of.


Sewing up a storm

It is 33 days until the big day and instead of working on really important wedding things today I made a little sundress for the honeymoon!

Although it is not on my mahoosive to do list it is at least something I can actually blog about. Because it has been KILLING me that most of the awesome things I've been doing recently are unbloggable until they get snapped by our awesome professional photographer and seen by my lovely guests.

A few weeks ago I went fabric shopping for some alterations to one of my wedding dresses and came across some fantastic fabric that I couldn't pass by. So I bought a couple of meters and stashed it away with the idea that I would make it into a dress for the honeymoon.

I envisaged something cute and strappy but when it came to it (not having any time to devote to it) I decided to go for something super easy and super quick. 

Clueless was on TV and I took it as a sign to get going on my dress and by the end of the film it was finished:

P1130948 P1130942 P1130941

It's basically a girl's pillowcase dress pattern made a bit bigger and I cannot wait to wear it in Thailand.