WI College - Wreath making

For my second session at the WI College I made a Christmas wreath. It was a brilliant session with a wonderful floristry teacher.

The ladies of the West Ealing WI were very pleased with their wreaths:


All of the supplies on the course were provided and we got to take everything we made home with us and my wreath looks great on my door:




This wreath has been on my door for 3 weeks now and it looks just as good - I'll be sad to take it down.

And here's my homemade wool wreath from last year:

WI College - Canapés

The New Wave Weekend wasn't a single course but a series of taster sessions. We were given options of courses and I chose canapé making, wreath making and sewing class.

My first session was in the cookery school and I cannot recommend a session there enough. Although the kitchen layout reminded me of high school food tech classes the facilities are amazing. I'm not much of a cook but the teacher was excellent and I managed to make some cheese pastries.

Here's a photo of my cheese pastry as I place it into the oven:



That was such a close call!!


The class made some truly delicious canapés and the best bit was that we got to taste all of them.


WI Cookery Demonstration at Denman College

Our first night at Denman College for the New Wave Weekend saw us tasting the food in the Lady Denman Restaurant, sip on cocktails and see a cookery demonstration from Peter Lien, the head of the WI Cookery School.


The set up was really good, with cameras filming the detailed work and shown on big screens.

Peter demonstrated making Petits Fours and the West Ealing WI president, Emma, got up and helped him to paint melted chocolate on his florentines:




Peter talked to us about patisserie trends and you know how cupcakes used to be the baking trend, and more recently it's been the fiddly macaron? Well Peter reckons the next big thing is going to be the canele.

You heard it here first!

Happy New Year and a December Recap

It's 2013 already!

My December was so crazily busy - I didn't find the time to blog which was a shame because I had such fun.

I went to Denman College, the WI's educational establishment which was so good, it's getting its own post. Another post will be devoted to the wonderment that was me hosting my first craft stall.

I also bumped into some of the cast of the BBC TV show Merlin and got a photo with them. Spot the actors:


I celebrated New Years' twice by going to the filming of Jools Holland's Hootenanny.


And I had a wonderful Christmas!