Babies and Blankets

Some lovely ladies had some very cute babies this year so I made some baby blankets to keep them warm:

Emma's Baby Blanket










How to set up a running club


Following on from my successful completion of the couch to 5k running programme with a group of friends I am sharing how I set up a running club from scratch.

1. Identify a group of people
By definition a club consists of people so you’ll need to recruit some other people. I started with my work friends because we’d all been threatening to start exercising and I knew that we were all at the same level – absolute beginner. You only need 1 other person but the more people there are the greater accountability you’ll have.
I had 5 people join Team Scrambled Legs and it is a great number as it means that even if some people cannot make the run, there’s always at least 2 people hitting the road.

Within a few weeks, Sam joined in and it's great to have another motivator for the weekend runs.


2. Identify a time you can run
If you haven’t got the time to run you simply won’t do it. I wanted to run at lunchtime so as not to eat into my own time before and after work. Pick a time that works with your schedule. If you’re not a morning person, don’t plan to get up at 6am to get a run in before work.

3. Get a running plan
I cannot recommend this enough. As an absolute beginner to running it was easy to pick a plan and there are loads of couch to 5k running plans to follow. I picked the one from the NHS website and we followed it to the letter. I think it is important to start slowly and build up at an appropriate pace. Having a plan meant we always knew what we were looking to achieve and I don’t think that we could have dragged ourselves out of the building if we’d have been aimlessly jogging along. Mentally ticking off each run of the programme is hugely rewarding and a motivator to keep going.

4. Set a goal
I personally need a goal to work towards and get me lacing up my trainers no matter what. The obvious goal for our running programme was a 5k race at the end of the 6 weeks. Seeing our progress towards the race was a real motivator.


5. Put it in your diary
Once you know when you’ll be running, get it booked in everyone’s diaries. Make sure everyone knows when they are to be where.

6. Send text reminders to members
Running at lunchtime at work meant that we all needed to remember to bring our running kit in the mornings. To prevent people from forgetting their kit I sent them a text either the night before or the morning of a run.

7. Run!
Enjoy it and have fun!


New goal achieved: Started running!

One of the many reasons why I haven't had as much time to devote to Project:Lorna recently has been a new hobby in my life: running.

For those who know me well, they know that the news that Sam and I ran a 5k race this morning will be a crazy shock:


About 7 weeks ago the unbelievable words "we should start a running club" came out of my mouth and today we did our first race.

Sam and I crossed the line together, well within nine tenths of a second, and at 34 minutes and 22 seconds I'm pretty delighted to come in under our target time of 35 mins.

Team Scrambled Legs achieved something great today and it feels so good!

Beekeepers Quilt Update: Why I love the hexapuff

I've documented my attempts to learn to knit in the face of immense lack of natural talent or basic ability. And then I found the continental method and finally found myself feeling a tiny bit more adept with knitting needles. In need of a project that would feel like an accomplishment but also be small enough to manage I pledged to start the beekeepers quilt on my 28th Birthday.

I love the hexapuff and here's why:

1. Knitting with 3 needles is not easy at first so when you accomplish it, by god it feels good. And when you look down at your hands achieving something you never thought possible, you really do feel proud of yourself. This is probably not a feeling felt by experienced knitters.

2. It is perfect as a travelling project, the double pointed needles are shorter than normal and sock wool doesn't take up a lot of space. It is easy to carry around in a handbag and whip out the needles for a spot of knitting when the opportunity arises.

3. Hexapuffs are so cute. I don't know why, I don't understand it, but they are!

4. It's a great excuse for people to give me sock wool. I had no idea that so many people had it lying around but I've had 3 separate wool donations already.

Our wedding has officially been blogged!

I have been sat on my hands to stop myself from blogging about our wedding before it was officially featured on Boho Weddings and today it hit the internet. Excited is not the word!!!!

Check out the full article over at

Over the next few weeks I'll be featuring my favourite parts of the wedding. If you'd like to be notified of these why not follow this blog by email, via bloglovin' or follow me on twitter @projectlorna.

Another year older

28! Cor blimey!

This one has hit me like a ton of bricks because I have to face it that I am in my late twenties. And I've been married for a whole month.

27 has been a good year to me but I'd like to make 28 the best.

I have three goals for this year:

1. Knit

My birthday present to myself is the beekeepers quilt pattern and some double pointed needles. This is the year of the hexipuff for me. And don't think that this is some easy challenge for me - knitting is absolutely not my forte but I'm going to suck it up and learn because there are no crochet alternatives that I am happy with.

2. Buy our own home. 

Well that's a big one. We might not even be able to buy a house for all we know but this is the year that we will try. Rents keep increasing and there's something about a home that you can do what the hell you want to that is really starting to appeal to us.

3. Capture the moment. 

I don't know exactly how this goal will manifest itself because what might start out as one thing can morph over time. My intentions in this are currently threefold:
a) more daily life photos
b) project life in some form or another
c) 1 second every day

Hotel Love

Amari Vogue Hotel Krabi

Today is our last day in Krabi. Our honeymoon is fortunately not yet over but tomorrow we are taken back to the airport and fly to Bangkok for the last 4 nights of our adventure.

I've not shared the wonderful details of our honeymoon because I've been rather busy enjoying it but as I lay out in the sun earlier I had a pang of love for our beautiful hotel. And then I felt it: the air turn and a storm on it's way.

With a matter of minutes to spare before the massive droplets of rain began to pound down I grabbed my camera and tried to capture some of the magic of the Amari Vogue Krabi experience.

You can see the storm coming and later, the rain itself. My photos don't do it justice so take my word for it - this place is very special.

Amari Vogue Hotel Krabi

Amari Vogue Hotel Krabi

Amari Vogue Hotel Krabi

Amari Vogue Hotel Krabi

Amari Vogue Hotel Krabi

Amari Vogue Hotel Krabi

Amari Vogue Hotel Krabi

Amari Vogue Hotel Krabi

Amari Vogue Hotel Krabi

Amari Vogue Hotel Krabi

Amari Vogue Hotel Krabi


A new ring and it feels oh so good!

Wedding Ring

Actually, ever since we purchased this in Nassau on our trip to the Bahamas I've been desperate to wear it and have been "practicing" wearing it (on the right hand of course) at least once a week.
As it contains diamonds I've been careful not to wear it to the beach or when sunbathing so as not to get suntan lotion or sand in it but I miss it so much when it's locked in the safe. I'm thinking about getting a stand in band so I can always wear something.

Afternoon tea. Each afternoon, I reach a point where I'm starting to get peckish and a little bit cranky. As if they have a radar that can read my mood, a hotel employee knocks on our door and gives us a plate of cake. It feels magical and I cannot stress enough how much I love it!

The PC Peter Grant novels by Ben Aaronovitch. I started with Rivers of London on the recommendation of Sam's mum and devoured it in a day. I'm hoovering up the rest at an alarming rate.

How to resurrect my blog. In the months since Project:Wedding has pushed everything else out of my brain Project:Lorna has suffered from a dearth of posts.

But now I am free to share everything I worked so hard on without fear of spoiling anything for my guests.

I am working on freshening up the blog and have a number of plans for world domination. If you are on Pinterest I have started a board for all things blog:

Feeling thankful for...
My wonderful friends and family.

I gave a speech at my wedding and being a well prepared girl I wrote it in advance. I preemptively wrote how great everyone had been in the run up to the wedding. And at they point, they really had. But then, with 2 days to go everything  ramped up and people's generosity and general amazingness blew me away. It actually reduces me to tears when I think about what people did to make our wedding so fantastic. Words will never do justice to their kindnesses but I'll never tire of trying to find some.

Floating on...
Air. Well it feels like it after my Thai massage today. I said I like firm and deep massages and so this tiny Thai lady beat the crap out of me. And it felt great! I feel 6 inches taller and she even braided my hair when she was done.

Braided hair in Thailand

Working on...
Sorting out, labelling and just generally twiddling about with my photos. I half heartedly started labelling my photos when I moved to a Mac and iPhoto but this holiday has given me loads of time to really sort them out. I need a photo workflow and that is something I hope to bottom out while we're away.

Thailand. I know that a lot of my love is actually for the hotel which is funny because this isn't the hotel I wanted to stay in. The original hotel we picked is undergoing construction work so we had to switch places at the last minute which was a small bummer. In the end though, I LOVE this place. It is seriously beautiful and I cannot get enough of the bubble jet seats in the pool. Sadly, they keep you so cool and relaxed that you don't notice yourself burning and both Sam and I look like proper typical lobster Brits! It's not got in the way of us enjoying ourselves so far.
It's not just the hotel though, we took a day trip yesterday and the sea is the perfect colour, the sands are all soft and pale and the islands rise up out of the water so sharply it takes my breath away.
The people we've met here are all incredibly friendly and helpful. Even the wildlife is awesome.
I love Thailand.


Gwildog, but I'm sure he's having the time of his life on his doggie holidays with my mum.


Tip of the hat to...
Danielle of Sometimes Sweet for the currently blog post format and Elsie and Emma for their wonderful new A Beautiful Mess photo editor app used on all these photos (and many more in the future I can tell!)

WI College - Sewing Class with May Martin

Oh hey guys, are you enjoying the Great British Sewing Bee on BBC2?  I sure am!

And did I tell you that I've met one of the judges: May Martin?

ProjectLorna with May Martin of Great British Sewing Bee

My final session at Denman College in December was a sewing class with May Martin.

We made three Christmas decorations and they're very professional looking if I do say so myself.

Here's Emma wearing our first efforts as earrings:


The sewing classes at Denman College aren't just run by celebrity tutors. They're in a wonderful purpose built sewing room and cover every type of sewing you can possibly think of.


Sewing up a storm

It is 33 days until the big day and instead of working on really important wedding things today I made a little sundress for the honeymoon!

Although it is not on my mahoosive to do list it is at least something I can actually blog about. Because it has been KILLING me that most of the awesome things I've been doing recently are unbloggable until they get snapped by our awesome professional photographer and seen by my lovely guests.

A few weeks ago I went fabric shopping for some alterations to one of my wedding dresses and came across some fantastic fabric that I couldn't pass by. So I bought a couple of meters and stashed it away with the idea that I would make it into a dress for the honeymoon.

I envisaged something cute and strappy but when it came to it (not having any time to devote to it) I decided to go for something super easy and super quick. 

Clueless was on TV and I took it as a sign to get going on my dress and by the end of the film it was finished:

P1130948 P1130942 P1130941

It's basically a girl's pillowcase dress pattern made a bit bigger and I cannot wait to wear it in Thailand.

On existing

My mum said that after she hadn't heard from me for nearly a week she checked out this blog to see what I'd been up to and in finding that I hadn't blogged at all in 2013 was worried that I must have expired.

Around the same time I came accross this post by Michael Gilpert via Nubby Twiglet and it struck a chord:

"What I was reminded by this whole ordeal, besides for the paranoid framework ive inherited from my mom, was that my friends and I currently live in a world where we dont exist if we dont post to the network."

Worry not: I have been existing!

A lot.

And some times, all that existing keeps me from proving to the rest of the world that I have been existing.

WI College - Wreath making

For my second session at the WI College I made a Christmas wreath. It was a brilliant session with a wonderful floristry teacher.

The ladies of the West Ealing WI were very pleased with their wreaths:


All of the supplies on the course were provided and we got to take everything we made home with us and my wreath looks great on my door:




This wreath has been on my door for 3 weeks now and it looks just as good - I'll be sad to take it down.

And here's my homemade wool wreath from last year: