Ice Skating!

I saw a livingsocial voucher for an ice skating session at Broadgate Ice and with it being the closet rink to where I work I thought it would be a fun Christmassy trip.

It is actually really difficult to take photos while on the ice, you know with it being slippy and all!

The rink is quite small but it's a lit quieter than some of the better known ones and there's plenty of room for practicing.

I also love that you can see a small person fall down in the last picture - ouch!

Happy December

Seriously? It's December already?!!

And what have I been up to you ask? Well for starters I've done a whole heap of wedding prep.

I just saw this amazing wedding planning doodle and it represents my past month so well I had to share it:

I came back from the Bahamas feeling panicked that it was less than 6 months to go and at the current rate I'd be in walking down the aisle in just a bra and pants.

I did quite a few dress shopping excursions and sometimes all it takes is your mum! A day out in Manchester and we'd both got our outfits sorted out. My mum was so kind to buy my dress for me which meant more to me than I thought it would. I don't think that anyone, least of all my parents, owes me a wedding but some gestures can really bring a tear to my eye. So soppy!

I also sorted out most of the save the dates. There are still a few to be sent due to a minor envelope shortage but I am so pleased with them. I love stationery and really wanted to go to town with the invitation suite and it took a long time for the right idea to turn up. I feel that we have done something genuinely unique and I cannot wait to share them with you all.

We've also been the venue again for a wine tasting and paid the deposit at last so I guess this is really happening!

In other news I've been getting incredibly festive over the past few days here's an outline of some of the things I'll be sharing over the festive period:

- my owl advent calendar and it's special journey this year
- Sam's advent calendar
- our Christmas decorations
- ice skating
- a festive playlist