I've been meaning to catch up with all my comings and goings and Ali Edwards suggested posting a "currently" post so here it is:

Right now I am….

Struggling with the changeable weather. In the morning it can be chucking it down and by the afternoon it'll be glorious. It's so cold in the mornings yet so hot on the underground that layers are the only way to go!

London's changeable weather

Loving the switch of seasons despite the contradiction with the above point. We've spent the last 2 Septembers in the States so I've missed the change in seasons and its been a real treat to feel the switch into autumn.

Fighting to save our local hospital. Our WI joined the march to save Ealing hospital and I hope we made a difference.

WI on the march

Celebrating a year of the WI! Cor blimey, time flies! How amazing is this homemade cake?

WI Birthday Cake

Looking forward to our holiday in THREE WEEKS!!!!

Worrying about what to wear to the next wedding we've been invited to. Sam is best man so I'll be seated on the top table and I'll be the only girl who is not a bridesmaid making my outfit choice particularly tricky. I bought this dress online but I think it's a bit dark for a wedding. I'll check it out in the light of day but it may be back to the drawing board.

Lorna's wedding outfit

Wishing for my own craft stall for christmas.  I've stocked  up my stash and am stitching up a variety of items. Hopefully I'll have some pictures to share soon. I've also had a variety of offers come my way that have definitely prompted me to get my craft on.

Crocheting baby booties because I am addicted to tiny shoes!

Hating my job and not even with a passion. My role has evolved into something that I cannot muster a single ounce of enthusiasm for which means that the days drag on and on. I've started volunteering with fundraising and although it's lifting my spirits somewhat I need to reevaluate my career path and start making some moves in the right direction.

Watching Hart of Dixie for the single reason that it stars Rachel Bilson who was also in the OC and I loved the OC. Oh yes, that's how I decide what to watch! And Downton Abbey with my best friend because neither of us have seen it and it's some kind of international sensation. And despite my better judgement, X-factor despite loathing the show and everything about it.

Dreaming of keeping bees after attending a talk at the Ealing Family Reskilling Day.


Drinking spinach smoothies from a recipe I found on Pinterest and loving it despite my general distrust of green drinks. And then undoing my hard work with some pretty swish cocktails in secret bars in Shoreditch.

Yummy cocktails

Replacing the tyre on my car. Okay I called out the AA to do it and felt quite pathetic for not even contemplating doing it myself.

Planning my hen do. Arrrrgggghhhh!

Happy Birthday Sam!

My lovely man

Today is Sam's birthday and I wanted to dedicate a post to him and his greatness.


I'm such a lucky lady to get to spend the rest of my life with Sam. I'm so excited about building our own little dream and making it come true. 

Sam in a hat

Here's to another great year!

Great Northern Quilt Show

Mum and I drove over to Harrogate last Sunday for the British Wool Weekend and it just so happened that in the same venue was the Great Northern Quilt Show!

It's not our usual cup of tea but we managed to wangle reduced entry and have a look around. We entered an entire new world that we had no idea existed and it was such an amazing peek at some real talent. The show wasn't simply a marketplace but had also hosted competitions and all of the entered quilts were on display. This was, for me, the best bit of the show and here are just a few examples of the incredible pieces of work on display:

















After such a busy weekend I was shattered but fortunately I had the two dogs to keep watch over me as I had a quick nap before driving back down to London.


British Wool Weekend

As if last weekend wasn't exciting enough without the wedding, my mum and I went to the British Wool Weekend at Harrogate.


There were a number of actual sheep in attendance at the show, with the most numerous being the Jacob sheep as seen above.



There was a demonstration of some prize sheep and a sheep shearing:

Can you believe that the entire fleece of a sheep is worth barely £2.50? And when it costs at least £1.50 to shear a sheep it's pretty clear that farmers have a pretty tough time of it.

It's pretty important that we start to take more notice of where the things we consume come from and crafting supplies are not exempt from this. For more information about British wool, see the British Wool Marketing Board and the Campaign for Wool.



Mum was rather fond of the oversized knitting!


There weren't just sheep at the show either. My favourite animal ever was in attendance and the alpacas were just too cute for words:




There were even rabbits as they produce angora:


Mum and I had a great time and spoke to loads of lovely people. We got chatting to the lovely ladies of the West Yorkshire Federation of WIs and the Knitting and Crochet Guild were particularly helpful.

I even got a bit ambitious and bought myself a drop spindle and some merino wool tops so that I can spin my own wool for a very special project one day.

More wedding pictures

You didn't think that was all I had to share did you?

Oh hell no!

A while back I posted about borrowing vintage dresses from one of the lovely WI ladies and here it is finally in action:

With the bride

And see the grey dress above, that was my back up dress that was called into action when a zip broke on the morning of the wedding.

That wasn't the only disaster we faced this weekend, on the way we had a breakdown and had to get roadside assistance. We didn't make it to Chester until gone 2 am so I'm amazed I don't look more tired!



This Weekend: Wedding

This weekend Sam and I went to a rather awesome wedding.

Seriously, look at the venue decor:



And this beaut of a vintage marquee was based on a FARM!!!

There were ducklets and pigs and a pond:


The pigs

The rural idyll

The bride looked stunning:


And we had fun:

The mobot

The hats

The bride and groom looked so happy all day and their wedding is just the start of a wonderful life together.