Teaching Crochet

I taught myself to crochet shortly after my 25th birthday. I was off work poorly and while tucked up in bed I used YouTube to teach myself the basics. I can't believe I hadn't tried it earlier, I think because my disastrous attempts at knitting had previously put me off, but I was hooked from the start (whoops, puntastic!)

Since joining the WI I've had the great fortune of teaching several women to crochet. I'm not as good as a YouTube video and I had a failed attempt when I took on too big a "class" in a pub setting and the over consumption of wine meant that I didn't quite do the job justice. However, my biggest success was in teaching my bestest WI friend (not to sully the friendships I have with the other WI members but seriously, I love Emma) over a few evenings on her comfy sofa. 

Now that she's been crocheting for nearly 6 months I thought I'd do a quick post on her growing skills.

1. Emma's early efforts

Like all beginners, Emma's first things aren't really... usable but on she persevered.

2. First Project

What is amazing about Emma is that she is not scared off by big projects.

3. Granny blanket

4. Emma's cute amigurumi

What's even more amazing is that she finishes big projects!

5. Em's big project

I'm still teaching crochet to the WI ladies and have started a series of classes held at my house.

Once I have a few more "graduates" of my classes I may branch out and offer my classes to the general public of London. If you are London based and think this sounds like something you'd like to try, leave a comment or tweet me @projectlorna.