A quick check in

It's been very quiet on Project:Lorna recently. Once upon a time that used to mean that I wasn't doing anything and had nothing to share. These days it means I've not been home for more than 10 minutes at a time except to sleep.

I really need a new routine that enables me to fit things in better. I'll be getting a new laptop soon which may help invigorate my enthusiasm for blogging but I need to reshuffle my day to fit things in. I think it's important to recognise your priorities and for the past few months I've chosen the WI as my main priority. I've had a wonderful time but for the next few months it will have to drop down my list as getting in shape for my trip to the Bahamas becomes number 1!

Learning to use my new MacBook (when it finally arrives) will also be featuring highly on my list, closely followed by a summer of socialising.

Exciting News!

Last weekend I helped my bestest friend move to Ealing which means she now lives the closest to me that she ever has, even closer than when we were at school!

I have high hopes for this summer.