A food obsessed weekend

This weekend has been fantastic, albeit somewhat dominated by food!

Olympic Opening Ceremony

We had the brother and sister in laws to be around for dinner while watching the opening ceremony and had a wonderful evening. The ceremony was simply stunning and we had such fun, particularly when our darling Queenie joined in the action!

To celebrate the occasion we made dishes to match the Olympic rings.

Blue = Blueberry cheesecake
Black = Burgers (this was the hardest colour to cook!)
Red = Patatas Bravas
Yellow = Macaroni Cheese
Green = Salad

We were so busy watching the ceremony that we didn't take much in the way of photos.

Olympic Opening Ceremony rings dinner

All watching the Ceremony

Macaron Making Class

On Saturday I went to a macaron making class and had a lot of fun trying to make those lovely little biscuits.


IMG_0199 The instructor made the piping look so easy. Let me tell you, it wasn't!



I'm really pleased with my little macarons and they were so tasty that Sam and I polished the lot off the same day!



Sunday Roast

The best thing about having my bestie nearby is that I get to see her little and often! We popped to a local pub to try out their roast dinners. I was quite pleased!