A food obsessed weekend

This weekend has been fantastic, albeit somewhat dominated by food!

Olympic Opening Ceremony

We had the brother and sister in laws to be around for dinner while watching the opening ceremony and had a wonderful evening. The ceremony was simply stunning and we had such fun, particularly when our darling Queenie joined in the action!

To celebrate the occasion we made dishes to match the Olympic rings.

Blue = Blueberry cheesecake
Black = Burgers (this was the hardest colour to cook!)
Red = Patatas Bravas
Yellow = Macaroni Cheese
Green = Salad

We were so busy watching the ceremony that we didn't take much in the way of photos.

Olympic Opening Ceremony rings dinner

All watching the Ceremony

Macaron Making Class

On Saturday I went to a macaron making class and had a lot of fun trying to make those lovely little biscuits.


IMG_0199 The instructor made the piping look so easy. Let me tell you, it wasn't!



I'm really pleased with my little macarons and they were so tasty that Sam and I polished the lot off the same day!



Sunday Roast

The best thing about having my bestie nearby is that I get to see her little and often! We popped to a local pub to try out their roast dinners. I was quite pleased!



Teaching Crochet

I taught myself to crochet shortly after my 25th birthday. I was off work poorly and while tucked up in bed I used YouTube to teach myself the basics. I can't believe I hadn't tried it earlier, I think because my disastrous attempts at knitting had previously put me off, but I was hooked from the start (whoops, puntastic!)

Since joining the WI I've had the great fortune of teaching several women to crochet. I'm not as good as a YouTube video and I had a failed attempt when I took on too big a "class" in a pub setting and the over consumption of wine meant that I didn't quite do the job justice. However, my biggest success was in teaching my bestest WI friend (not to sully the friendships I have with the other WI members but seriously, I love Emma) over a few evenings on her comfy sofa. 

Now that she's been crocheting for nearly 6 months I thought I'd do a quick post on her growing skills.

1. Emma's early efforts

Like all beginners, Emma's first things aren't really... usable but on she persevered.

2. First Project

What is amazing about Emma is that she is not scared off by big projects.

3. Granny blanket

4. Emma's cute amigurumi

What's even more amazing is that she finishes big projects!

5. Em's big project

I'm still teaching crochet to the WI ladies and have started a series of classes held at my house.

Once I have a few more "graduates" of my classes I may branch out and offer my classes to the general public of London. If you are London based and think this sounds like something you'd like to try, leave a comment or tweet me @projectlorna.

Vintage dresses

One of the best things about being a member of the WI are the unexpected opportunities that arise.

A few weeks ago I mentioned to the pub quiz team that I was going to be attending a 1950s vintage tea party themed wedding and hen do. The next week one of the wonderful ladies was toting a bag of beautiful dresses for me to borrow. The dresses are original vintage dresses from the decade and as soon as I got home I tried them on!

They're simply beautiful and here are the quick snaps of the lovely dresses:

Rose skirt

Purple flocked dress

Purple flocked dress 2

Purple dress and bolero

Purple dress

Aren't they lovely?!

I hope to be able to wear one to the wedding. Thanks Julia!

A post from mum

My mum is the queen of email and she writes some fantastic things in her sporadic updates.

Recently there has been flooding in many of the villages near mum's house and although she lives at the top of a big hill in the north where hills are serious business and not just a mild incline, and has only seen flooding in the garden and not in the actual house, she's not taking anything to chance:

"Hi lorney lou,

We have had more thunder storms and torrential rain (back garden under 2'' water!) so I have been working on a new addition to the car emergency kit.

Last year I bought a 3 ft diameter 3 ring paddling pool for 50p at asda and since I cannot imagine  a time when I will need it to cool down I have plans to adapt it as a flood survival vessel. The base is going to be reinforced and attached more securely to the 3 ring sides by the addition of 3 x 2" strips of PVC cut from the old air bed and glued in a star shape across the bottom,up the sides and then down across the inside. A spare PVC poncho will be attached 3/4 way around the top ring with gaffer tape leaving a gap to slide into the 'boat' and under the poncho. Of course the legs will protrude over the front but by stepping into a black wheely bin bag tucked into the waistband the feet and legs can be kept dry but able to move and guide the craft from obstacles such as fallen trees. The snow shovel can then be used as a paddle and can be long or short depending on if you have time to screw it together.

I do not expect to have any difficulties with the construction and feel free to pass on this useful addition to the WI up t'north. I think that the craft will assist at least 1 person + shopping and possibly a pet and the bright coloured rings (yellow,red and lime green) will assist the rescue services in locating you! The folded paddling pool is less than 12" square and the suggested additions will not add much to the bulk.Whilst I could blow up the 3 rings some people may want an inflator which can be purchased from any pound shop and the storage bag made for this craft adjusted accordingly.

If you want me to make one for your car you will have to wait until the end of summer sale which, up here will start next week,t o purchase a paddling pool.

lots of love
practical mum"

Mum is also ensuring Gethin's safety by making him an inflatable device out of a neck pillow.

Love you mum!

A bit of everything

Here's a catch up of everything exciting that happened to me during my blogging blackout.

Emma and I visited Finchley WI because they had Xtina Lamb of Printed Wonders teaching screen printing with gocco screens. Being screenprinting wonders, Emma and I were able to make the world's most awesome WI bunting:

Oh my goodness, we spent an incredible yet tiring day at Hanwell Carnival selling cakes and crafts, raised hundreds of pounds and went on the best waltzers of my life.

I made 50 bracelets and secured a donation of fresh fruit from a local supermarket which resulted in an amusing car park interaction with a member of staff.

A giant box arrived at my house and inside was a birthday present that Gwil likes even more than I do:

I've become addicted to an iPhone game called Pocket Planes and was delighted when I placed 300 with my solo efforts in a world wide event:

I went to a WI singing workshop and am looking forward to starting a singing group in the autumn.

I saw a work colleague off on maternity leave with my first ever pair of crocheted baby booties:

Speaking of work colleagues, I dragged a group of us over to the Bank of England for a brilliant open house tour that included the Governor's office. I really recommend getting down to the Bank when they have their Saturday open house tours, the building is stunning and it's history is fascinating. Plus you get to touch an actual gold bar, take that Federal Reserve Bank tour!

A quick check in

It's been very quiet on Project:Lorna recently. Once upon a time that used to mean that I wasn't doing anything and had nothing to share. These days it means I've not been home for more than 10 minutes at a time except to sleep.

I really need a new routine that enables me to fit things in better. I'll be getting a new laptop soon which may help invigorate my enthusiasm for blogging but I need to reshuffle my day to fit things in. I think it's important to recognise your priorities and for the past few months I've chosen the WI as my main priority. I've had a wonderful time but for the next few months it will have to drop down my list as getting in shape for my trip to the Bahamas becomes number 1!

Learning to use my new MacBook (when it finally arrives) will also be featuring highly on my list, closely followed by a summer of socialising.

Exciting News!

Last weekend I helped my bestest friend move to Ealing which means she now lives the closest to me that she ever has, even closer than when we were at school!

I have high hopes for this summer.