The Women's Institute has certainly been keeping me busy with a fundraising car boot sale, the AGM and the Jubilee weekend all in the past 2 weeks!

This year I was fortunate enough to get tickets to the AGM held at the Royal Albert Hall and went with my best WI friend Emma.

The AGM was really enjoyable. It started with us all singing Jerusalem and was a sight to behold. We've started singing it at our West Ealing WI meetings but nothing compares to a room filled with over 5000 women gloriously singing while accompanied by an organ. It was emotionally moving and made me realise why we sing it.

The updates and talks were excellent. Lord Julian Fellowes, Oscar winning writer of Gosford Park and Downton Abbey gave a particularly enjoyable talk and our debate on our resolution was very interesting indeed. We voted for this years resolution to improve the recruitment, training and retention of midwives and I'm looking forward to getting involved in this campaign.

We had a bemusing talk about the need to engage girls in science by the enchanting Dr Maggie Aderin Pocock who delivered her entire talk with her baby daughter at her hip.  We took part in a world record knitting attempt, the results of which will be announced in 3 months time and were entertained by a live performance from the strictly come dancing team.

Lunchtime was hilarious because 5000 women exiting the Albert Hall at the same time stops the traffic! The people in the park were bewildered by the flash mob that descended upon them.

After the meeting Emma and I went to Harrods to check out the WI hamper in the window and to marvel at the puppies in the Pet Kingdom.

It was an amazing day!