Trip up north part 1

This past long weekend was such a busy one!

Friday was Whit Friday and I normally spend the day playing with a brass band touring the competitions of the village of Saddleworth. This is my post from last year. I had the day off work and travelled up on Thursday evening but I did not partake in Whit Friday celebrations.

Instead, I spent the day with my gran who has recently moved into a residential home as she can no longer live independently at home. My mum, my aunty and my little second cousin Ruby took my gran out for a lovely meal and I haven't seen my gran so happy in ages. Although its a shame that she isn't independent anymore, on the whole her move is a good one as it has lifted a huge burden of worry off everybody, gran included.

The star of the day was little Ruby and she charmed everyone. My ovaries appear to have taken over my  brain because instead of finding her scary and intimidating as I normally find small children, I thought she was simply enchanting!