Things around here

Another chockablock week around here:


Monday is dance night for Sam and I and it was quite a sad lesson because not only was it our last, but the last that our teachers were doing. We had a lot of fun and will be resuming classes in June.


I chaired a meeting to plan the West Ealing WI Hanwell Carnival stall. Oh my, what isn't on that stall in June isn't worth having!


Wednesday morning is the executive committee meeting of the Middlesex Federation of Women's Institutes. I've been co-opted onto the committee and I am now Press Officer, which is very exciting indeed.

I love getting involved in the WI and this is a great opportunity for me to do even more to integrate the West Ealing group into the larger network.

I picked up a drum for our tombola and my ticket for the National WI AGM and I'm really excited about both!!

I went into work for the afternoon and then returned for the WEWI committee meeting. Fortunately I shouldn't have any more double committee days as it sure does take it's toll.


I decided to treat myself to a salad from Whitecross Street Market. I was planning on teaching crochet on Thursday evening but I guess no one fancied it so it was a nice night in.


Friday evening I went to the local theatre, Questors, to see Brassed Off. I'd bought tickets through one of the WI members who was selling them to raise funds for Amnesty International. The play was hugely enjoyable and it was nice to hear Fulham Brass Band. Reminds me of my band days and I felt a pang of nostalgia. If I weren't so busy with the WI I would consider joining Staines Brass Band.


I had a really long lay in on Saturday, personally I feel I deserved it!

I met up with my lovely best friend for a drink. she's been house hunting in Ealing which is the best news I've had for ages. I can't wait to have her nearby - we haven't lived near each other since high school and I'm looking forward to watching tv cuddles up on the sofa together!!!

Then, my Ealing best bud Emma popped round and we went through past issues of Molly Makes for projects we want to tackle. Happy times.


Sunday was a WI walk day around Richmond Park.

See the Union Jack? I crocheted it! I'm going to write up the pattern I made and share it with you as soon as I have!

Hope you had a great week too.