Wedding Inspiration: Flowers in your hair

At the moment, I can't get enough of flower crowns. I have no intention of wearing a veil and flowers are the obvious replacement. I'm scared that come the wedding I'll have got bored of them but for now they're all I can think of.

It started with Lana Del Rey and her many crowns of flowers:

I started to look for something more weddingy and it turns out that there are lots of flower crowns out there:

Source: via Lorna on Pinterest

Source: via Lorna on Pinterest

The more I looked, the more I found not just crowns, but other ways of wearing flowers in your hair:

Source: via Lorna on Pinterest

London Blogger Meet Up

Oh my goodness what a day!!!

A few weeks ago, Meredith of One Sheepish Girl blogged that she would be visiting London so I emailed her and asked if she wanted to meet up. She replied that I wasn't the only one to get in touch and a London Blogger Meet Up was born.

Meredith and her mom wanted to take afternoon tea at Drink Shop & Do so we headed over there today.

I'd not had afternoon tea before and DSD did not disappoint!

It was a lovely afternoon and as well as getting to meet Meredith I got to meet a great bunch of local ladies.

The Ladies:

From left to right:

Jess from Pink Sunshine:

Meredith from One Sheepish Girl:

ME! (Lorna from Project:Lorna:

Annie from Beard Today Gone Tomorrow:

Kat from Boring Fish: and Ever So Ethically Confused:

Carly from Raspberry Bunny:

I had such a good time getting to know a new bunch of ladies. I also randomly had my WI jubilee union jack first seen in this post because I was dropping it off after this meeting. I also got to show off some of the other WI Jubilee crafting too.

The day was topped off by a lovely walk home and finding some wedding decor and a potential wedding day dress all for £15 in a local charity shop. Bonus!

Wedding inspiration: Craft Paper invitation suites

I don't have any clue what kind of invitation suite we'll be sending out yet so I have pinning absolutely everything I've vaguely liked. Turns out, there's a lot of craft paper on my board. I am partial to a bit of craft paper and I love how versatile it is.



Source: via Lorna on Pinterest




Source: via Lorna on Pinterest


Source: via Lorna on Pinterest

Source: via Lorna on Pinterest

Things around here

Another chockablock week around here:


Monday is dance night for Sam and I and it was quite a sad lesson because not only was it our last, but the last that our teachers were doing. We had a lot of fun and will be resuming classes in June.


I chaired a meeting to plan the West Ealing WI Hanwell Carnival stall. Oh my, what isn't on that stall in June isn't worth having!


Wednesday morning is the executive committee meeting of the Middlesex Federation of Women's Institutes. I've been co-opted onto the committee and I am now Press Officer, which is very exciting indeed.

I love getting involved in the WI and this is a great opportunity for me to do even more to integrate the West Ealing group into the larger network.

I picked up a drum for our tombola and my ticket for the National WI AGM and I'm really excited about both!!

I went into work for the afternoon and then returned for the WEWI committee meeting. Fortunately I shouldn't have any more double committee days as it sure does take it's toll.


I decided to treat myself to a salad from Whitecross Street Market. I was planning on teaching crochet on Thursday evening but I guess no one fancied it so it was a nice night in.


Friday evening I went to the local theatre, Questors, to see Brassed Off. I'd bought tickets through one of the WI members who was selling them to raise funds for Amnesty International. The play was hugely enjoyable and it was nice to hear Fulham Brass Band. Reminds me of my band days and I felt a pang of nostalgia. If I weren't so busy with the WI I would consider joining Staines Brass Band.


I had a really long lay in on Saturday, personally I feel I deserved it!

I met up with my lovely best friend for a drink. she's been house hunting in Ealing which is the best news I've had for ages. I can't wait to have her nearby - we haven't lived near each other since high school and I'm looking forward to watching tv cuddles up on the sofa together!!!

Then, my Ealing best bud Emma popped round and we went through past issues of Molly Makes for projects we want to tackle. Happy times.


Sunday was a WI walk day around Richmond Park.

See the Union Jack? I crocheted it! I'm going to write up the pattern I made and share it with you as soon as I have!

Hope you had a great week too.

Catching up: Last weekend

I promised you I'd show you what I got up to last weekend and here it is:

Art on the Line

Emma and I went to a screen printing class at Somerset House and had a huge amount of fun. It felt a lot like art classes back at school and I really enjoyed making a mess and having someone else do the tidying up.

The morning began with a session of sketching in the gallery of  Kokoro: The Art of Horiyoshi III. I have to admit, I wasn't very good at this bit at all so when it came to designing my print I looked at my Pinterest account for inspiration - is that cheating?



Our Prints

Mine's the one with the little boat and Emma's is the one with the butterfly. Not too shoddy hey?

The prints from the class

Everybody's prints turned out to be really impressive. I really recommend the classes at Somerset House. They are very reasonably priced for a day of great tuition from a great team.


And if you thought that was the end of my creativity I spent Sunday with Emma and Nikki from the WI sewing up a storm for our Jubilee flag. Do you like my mixed media crown? It incorporates a necklace and pearl donated by our members.

Emma did the cross stitch Union Jack, Nikki did the Queen and one of our Craft Club members did the quilted diamonds.

Pictures of the finished article will be up soon.

Wedding Inspiration: Handmade Altars

Wedding laws are very different in the United States compared to the United Kingdom and one way in which they drastically differ is where you can get married. In the UK you must say your vows beneath a roof (oh yes, that law is real) which means outdoor weddings are very tricky. On top of that, you can only marry in registered venues meaning your pick of wedding location is diminished further.

Free of these archaic rules, the States has seen some beautiful weddings in unconventional locations. When a space has been created by a couple, often there is a beautiful handmade altar to provide a stunning backdrop to the vows.

Sam and I probably won't have such a backdrop but if we did I'd be using these images as my starting point to work from:

Wedding Inspiration: Sparklers

I adore sparklers, they're the best thing about Bonfire Night and seeing how they can be used at weddings makes me swoon.

Fingers crossed we can use them at the venue:

Week in the life: Part 1

Bank Holiday Monday

Last Monday was a much needed bank holiday and I spent it in a very unusual way. I was clearly craving some kind of creative release and so I made some cards, which I've never really done before.

Emma came round and made one too:

It was a very calm afternoon of making.


Tuesday was back to the grind but I had the WI craft club in the evening where in a feat of massive multitasking I helped to design an embroidery for the WI jubilee flag, crochet and be part of the third consecutive WI pub quiz win. I don't think craft club will be entering the quiz again but it's nice to have some money behind the bar for next month!

Oh and if you want to know what designing an embroidery looks like its this:

Obviously that's not quite enough to get going with so Emma and Val were round at mine on Wednesday to mock it up.


Thursday evening we went to see one of our former committee members perform burlesque in a cabaret variety show and had a laugh with the ladies. After an intense week it was nice to let my hair down with the ladies.

This guy had me crying laughing:

Friday I was so tired I slept for most of the evening which set me up for another busy weekend.

Check back soon for the second instalment of this week. Trust me, the weekend was the best bit!