The weekend recapped

Yes it's Thursday morning but yesterday was the first opportunity I had to go through my weekend photos and make some collages. If you ever wonder how I do all my square collages I use an ipad/iphone app called diptic.

The weekend up north was pretty hectic:

  • On Saturday morning I had my hair done in Huddersfield and bought Sam a new tie for the wedding.
  • At 12:30 we went to the biggest and most lavish wedding I will ever attend!
  • The wedding finished earlier than we thought so Sam and I got to go to the cinema (tickets are affordable up north unlike ridiculous London prices).
  • On Sunday we went out for Sunday lunch.
  • Then we drove back down to London. Gwil likes to lie along the shoulders of passengers when driving. We call it a Gwillow.
  • I made a card to send to Gothic Valley WI to thank them for having us as guests last week.