Week in the Life: Tuesday

I can’t help but feel that day to day things have somehow become more interesting now that I am documenting my existence for a Week in the Life.

In reality I’m so panicked about not having enough to take photos of I’m jumping on every opportunity to snap a picture, especially if it is out of the ordinary.

Morning routine:
I wash my hair on Monday evenings which means that Tuesday mornings it’s quite unruly. I anticipate that by Thursday I’ll be out of things to take pictures of before work but we’ll see.

The day at work:
There was some random object in the street on my way to work and I took a photo of it in case it was the most exciting thing I would encounter all day but it was quickly surpassed when a chap turned up at my desk in the morning with a draught probe and an active air sampler. He was particularly bemused by all of my questions and my impromptu photoshoot!

I had a meeting with a pensions adviser today followed by an update from our Director of Health on engagement with global health policy so I had to quickly dash to Benugo for an Andalucían sandwich and rhubarb muffin:

The health talk was more interesting than some of our normal lunchtime presentations and in the Q&A section I asked an awesome question that made me look really smart and well informed. I like it when I can do that because I don’t work directly with most people in my office so it’s good to show my professional side in these scenarios. Otherwise my colleagues main impression of me would be formed by the conversations they hear me having in the kitchen!

I’ve chosen to go for an ethical pension fund because it seems like a small step to make to improve the world but if everyone invested in ethically conscious companies we’d all be feeling the benefits. How about you? Do you care where your savings are invested?

I had just enough time left at lunch to post the West Ealing WI meeting agenda online then it was back to the grind.

Super Tuesday:
I founded a little meeting at work called Super Tuesday that meets at 4pm. A pair from the team provide a light snack made up of superfoods to recharge and reinvigorate. The first round was hugely successful but without me driving it, it fell apart. It was requested that I start it up again and so my colleague, Steve, and I provided carrot sticks and houmous with a healthy granola sundae. Looks yummy hey?

Tuesday is WI day and today was our main meeting which means it is more hectic than usual!
It's a lot of running about and my role as secretary means I have to be hyper organised (which at 00:48 on Wednesday morning looks like this:

Tonight we had a burlesque session with Luna Rosa which was simply fantastic and lots of fun, if a little difficult to photograph:

How are you coming along with your Week in the Life. I'm honestly struggling to fit it in and had a bedtime argument with Sam tonight. Hopefully it will be easier as the week progresses. Let me know your top tips in the comments :-)