Week in the life: Weekend round up

I actually completed a week in the life! I don’t have any plans to make a journal though; blogging it all was hard enough!

I enjoyed documenting the small details of my life, even though some people at work thought I’d truly lost it when I took photos of the lift buttons. I couldn’t do a challenge like this very often and certainly not for any longer than a week but I definitely recommend it. It’s also proved that when I say I’m hella busy during the week, I really mean it!


Friday saw the unofficial end to alcohol-free April and Saturday saw the official end to hangover free April.

I had a long lay in and blogged about Friday from the comfort of my bed. The only photo worthy element of my day was my breakfast of toasted laugenstange with cheese and ham but I was too hungover to remember to take a picture! I trudged to Ealing Broadway to undertake some shopping and somehow didn’t make it home until after 4pm with pitifully few purchases. Dinner was delicious but also undocumented and I had a very long nap. I then undertook some WI admin and went to bed.

After such a busy week I really needed a bit of a do nothing day.


Sunday morning saw me complete a batch of WI admin by sending out an email to all members followed by a trip to the London Coffee Festival with Sam, Ian, Josh and Laurie.

I managed to get some photos of myself for a change but didn’t document the group. This challenge has definitely made me think about what I take pictures of and whether they are accurate representations of my life.

I had such a great time at the coffee festival last year and while this year was good, last year was better. Isn’t it silly how we let comparison affect what would otherwise be a lovely day?

Documenting my day wouldn’t be the same without an obligatory food close up and here is my paneer curry wrap from Wallah Wallah. Yummy!

These cakes from Molly Bakes (no relation apparently to Mollie Makes!) were too delicious to resist. I got a salted caramel cupcake and Sam got a cocnut whoopee pie.

When I got home I made a pot of tea and before I sat down to eat my cupcake I carefully styled the scene for a photo. However, I wasn’t careful enough and managed to drop the cupcake icing side down on the table. Sad faces. When I lifted it up, the sticky salted caramel has stuck right on the table. How typical is that?!

All this week there has been a deluge of rain in London so I’ve been wearing wellies most of the week. Here’s me splashing in a puddle:

I made a roast dinner for tea and then got to work on my never ending list of WI tasks:

Sunday is CSI day so I watched some episodes while preparing this blog post but it was still a late one to bed.

Yay! All done.
If you started a week in the life I hope you finished and if so leave me a link in the comments and I’ll do a round up post of week in the life completers!

Week in the Life: Friday

Friday Morning

This morning started very chilled with a long hot shower and cuddles with Gwilym who always likes to lie in the sun light, even if it’s a tiny sliver on the bed:

Sadly my journey to work was marred by a signal failure on the central line. I had to take a convoluted journey to work that took so much longer. On the plus side, I managed to take photos of random guys on the tube!


I also finally managed to remember to take a photo of my breakfast. Most days I have a bowl of oats so simple golden syrup flavour porridge. I wanted to capture it because its a detail of everyday.


Near where I work there is a food market. It runs every day of the week but I limit myself to only going on Fridays. And occasionally Thursdays too. I often get a Buddha Bowl from Veggie Heaven and I was irrationally upset that they weren’t there today because I wanted them in my week in the life. Then I realised that I could actually take a photo of my Buddha bowl every time I eat one; I don’t need to be documenting my week to document a detail! What a revelation. In the absence of the tastiest vegan food I've every eaten I had to "settle" for a halloumi pizza wrap from The Iskele.


This afternoon I was so lonely at work. I must have bodily odour issues because I'm surrounded by empty desks.

Going home

I documented some of the details of my walk home starting with a photo of Bunhill Fields. I really like this picture and played around with it in different iphone apps.

This is instagram:

And this is Diptic:

Which version do you prefer?

On my way home I pass behind the Occupy London camp in Finsbury Square. I find it an interesting contrast to see the camp then see all the worker drones in their suits crowding around a pub.

Friday night

Tonight was going to be a quiet night at home but then my friend Emma got some good news and needed to celebrate. Being the good friend that I am I abandoned alcohol free April (my effort to not drink this month) and joined her, first at the pub for a bottle of wine and then round at her house for a bottle of bubbly:

Looking forward to the weekend!

Wedding Inspiration: The grown up alternative to balloons

If you like the look of balloons but want something a little less... children's birthday party, then maybe the paper lantern is the decorating feature for you.

It's cheap, it's round, it comes in many colours and it is also a light source. Awesome!

Source: wanelo.com via Lorna on Pinterest

Week in the Life: Thursday

How do people maintain the momentum for things like Week in the Life?

On Monday I thought: "I can't document my life today" but somehow I did it. Tuesday turned up all kinds of unexpected twists and turns but yesterday was difficult and today I've been scraping the barrel!

Thursday Morning

This morning I had a doctors appointment so I caught some thrilling photos of the doctors surgery followed by a shot of the reflection of me in the tube window above an empty seat. Thinking about it now I surely could have made these shots better somehow but at the time all I could think was "oh no, need to take a week in the life photo"!

Thursday Lunchtime

I had a delicious toasted cheese, chicken and bacon sandwich from one of my favourite places to eat near work: Lennies in Old Street tube station. I decided to pick it up just so I could include Lennies in my week in the life. Is that silly?

 I also did a bit of window shopping so I'd have another lunchtime picture but forgot to take any pictures while trying on clothes so had to get a blurry picture as I was leaving the changing rooms. Yay!

Thursday Evening

On my way home I was feeling down about not having taken many photos and then I saw some rubbish on the floor. Oh yes, my day was this exciting: I took a photo and tweeted it to Ealing Council. Civic duty  performed I took a photo of a nearby house that is currently on sale for something in the region of £2m.

 Then my evening actually got interesting. No really it did! Two of the ladies at the WI are interested in starting blogs themselves and so they came round to my house and we had a session where we looked at the different blogging interfaces and how to get going with blogging.

As soon as they'd left I wailed to Sam, "I forgot to take pictures!"

So for a full evening all I have to show for it is this plate of caramel slices artfully arranged into a star and the table after they'd left.

If you've been doing a week in the life and haven't lost your momentum, please tell me how you're keeping up the enthusiasm!

The weekend recapped

Yes it's Thursday morning but yesterday was the first opportunity I had to go through my weekend photos and make some collages. If you ever wonder how I do all my square collages I use an ipad/iphone app called diptic.

The weekend up north was pretty hectic:

  • On Saturday morning I had my hair done in Huddersfield and bought Sam a new tie for the wedding.
  • At 12:30 we went to the biggest and most lavish wedding I will ever attend!
  • The wedding finished earlier than we thought so Sam and I got to go to the cinema (tickets are affordable up north unlike ridiculous London prices).
  • On Sunday we went out for Sunday lunch.
  • Then we drove back down to London. Gwil likes to lie along the shoulders of passengers when driving. We call it a Gwillow.
  • I made a card to send to Gothic Valley WI to thank them for having us as guests last week.

Week in the Life: Wednesday

Wednesday Morning:
Boy did yesterday take it out of me! This morning was difficult after such a late night but it's been interesting for me to document my time to see how I'm spending it. I'm also enjoying the challenge of blogging every day again. Recently I've been scheduling posts in advance which makes me feel out of sync.

Waking up unrefreshed from a short night of sleep left me feeling uninspired to capture the morning routine. Instead I snapped a couple of shots of Gwilym desperate to get back in the house after his morning walk in the rain.

Stylist Mag Day
Wednesday is Stylist Mag day and I always pick up a free magazine on the way to work. Once, they ran out of Stylist and there was actually a scuffle between some ladies for the last copy.

The day at work:
Work today was particularly uneventful with a business case to write. I spent some of my lunchtime learning how to "castrate" the lid of a bic pen by weaving the lid in your fingers and slapping your leg. I'd never seen this done. Did you do this at school? My Spanish colleague did and taught me how.

A relaxed Evening
The big excitement of my day was going out for dinner with my uni friend Kat and her boyf Will. I absolutely love hanging out with them and I got to be a witness of the signing of some very important papers. We even got to post them in my new favourite post box in all of London!

Yes that is astronaut food! It's an ice cream sandwich!

Home at last
I got home just before 10 to find some lovely post, a happy Gwildog and an even happier Sam.

Week in the Life: Tuesday

I can’t help but feel that day to day things have somehow become more interesting now that I am documenting my existence for a Week in the Life.

In reality I’m so panicked about not having enough to take photos of I’m jumping on every opportunity to snap a picture, especially if it is out of the ordinary.

Morning routine:
I wash my hair on Monday evenings which means that Tuesday mornings it’s quite unruly. I anticipate that by Thursday I’ll be out of things to take pictures of before work but we’ll see.

The day at work:
There was some random object in the street on my way to work and I took a photo of it in case it was the most exciting thing I would encounter all day but it was quickly surpassed when a chap turned up at my desk in the morning with a draught probe and an active air sampler. He was particularly bemused by all of my questions and my impromptu photoshoot!

I had a meeting with a pensions adviser today followed by an update from our Director of Health on engagement with global health policy so I had to quickly dash to Benugo for an Andalucían sandwich and rhubarb muffin:

The health talk was more interesting than some of our normal lunchtime presentations and in the Q&A section I asked an awesome question that made me look really smart and well informed. I like it when I can do that because I don’t work directly with most people in my office so it’s good to show my professional side in these scenarios. Otherwise my colleagues main impression of me would be formed by the conversations they hear me having in the kitchen!

I’ve chosen to go for an ethical pension fund because it seems like a small step to make to improve the world but if everyone invested in ethically conscious companies we’d all be feeling the benefits. How about you? Do you care where your savings are invested?

I had just enough time left at lunch to post the West Ealing WI meeting agenda online then it was back to the grind.

Super Tuesday:
I founded a little meeting at work called Super Tuesday that meets at 4pm. A pair from the team provide a light snack made up of superfoods to recharge and reinvigorate. The first round was hugely successful but without me driving it, it fell apart. It was requested that I start it up again and so my colleague, Steve, and I provided carrot sticks and houmous with a healthy granola sundae. Looks yummy hey?

Tuesday is WI day and today was our main meeting which means it is more hectic than usual!
It's a lot of running about and my role as secretary means I have to be hyper organised (which at 00:48 on Wednesday morning looks like this:

Tonight we had a burlesque session with Luna Rosa which was simply fantastic and lots of fun, if a little difficult to photograph:

How are you coming along with your Week in the Life. I'm honestly struggling to fit it in and had a bedtime argument with Sam tonight. Hopefully it will be easier as the week progresses. Let me know your top tips in the comments :-)

Wedding Inspiration: Balloons!

I love balloons with childlike glee!

That's me with my Minnie balloon at Disney Land Florida back in 2010 and I'm just as excited about that balloon now.

Balloons can look pretty naff in weddings; those overly scuplted arches of balloons are not my cup of tea at all. However, a well executed balloon plan can look fantastic as these examples show.

White balloons

Balloons can be used to disguise a less than lovely ceiling:

Off white balloons

In theory I would say I prefer all white balloons but in practice I like these clusters of off white balloons more:


Black and White

These black and white balloons look pretty sweet too:

Multicoloured balloons

Sure it taps into my "Up" fantasies but multicoloured balloons are just so much fun!