A pretty exciting day!

I've had an intensely busy few weeks, with something on every evening and most of the weekends. I haven't had chance to do half the things I've wanted or needed to.

And although I have made a pact that after next week I'm protecting my free evenings, I have to admit that I've had some really great evenings recently.

I attended the Ideal Home Show with a friend who got free tickets and procured some rather tasty cheese and a nail art set.

On the way home we stopped off at Television Centre and filmed the following beautiful piece of TV history:

Good times!

This weekend part 2: Sunday

One of the WI VPs suggested a Big Easter Hunt and, having  never done any of the previous city hunts, I was definitely up for it.

Myself, Emma and Karen hit the streets around Piccadilly and Oxford Street and found a phenomenal amount of eggs, are here are a selection of the eggs we found:


This weekend part 1: Saturday

This week has been even more hectic than usual with an event every evening. Although I have had some really amazing evenings, including a session with Zoe Lem at Craft Central looking at vintage wedding dress silhouettes from the 30s, 40s and 50s. I would have had the opportunity to try on some of her new collection of dresses if only the zip hadn't broken on my skirt trapping me inside! Zoe is hosting a vintage wedding fair on the 1st April. If you are thinking of getting married in or around London any time soon, get yourself a ticket!

On Saturday I decided to pop along to the Kensal Flea that was running to raise money for the Trekstock charity and Mayhew Animal Home. I had expected to be able to pet some puppies but if they'd been there I missed them. Instead I got to pet MINI PIGS!

I also picked up a simply beautiful notebook from the Gift Shed.

Check in later I did a Big Easter Egg hunt around London on Sunday.

How to make a camera lens burrito

After procuring the perfect handbag to turn into a camera case I was pondering the padding options when just at the right time the lens burrito from photojojo made its way into my consciousness. Oh yes, a lens burrito was just what a wanted.

I looked in my stash and found an apron, an offcut of Ikea fabric, some black bias binding and some wadding (or is it called batting?).

Step 1

Using a plate as a template, I cut a circle out of all three fabrics:

Step 2

I pinned the three fabrics together right sides facing out and sewed around as close to the edge as possible.

Step 3

Once this was done I trimmed away any excess fabric outside of the stitches.

I opened my bias binding and pinned the narrow edge right side to right side to the edge of the fabric. I sewed in the fold of the binding. My explanation may not make sense so check out a you tube tutorial if you need more guidance.

Step 4

I folded the binding over the edge and sewed down, still on the same side as before: the narrow edge.


How to fold a burrito

New hand made camera case

One of my Christmas presents this year was a beautiful camera from Sam and I've put together a handmade case for it.

The Bag

I lucked out when I found this handbag from the purveyor of cheap goods: Primark. It reminds me of old school leather camera bags and at a bargainous £3 I decided to go for it. It is a perfect fit for my camera and lens.

Obviously though, some padding is required to keep Ruby (yes I have named my camera) and her eye  safe.

The Case

I decided that as Ruby will normally be in the handbag she doesn't need a bubble wrap cocoon and that ease of access is really what I need for her. Therefore I decided to go for more of a wrap than a case:

It offers a bit of protection while in transit but is really easy to pull off when I'm ready to shoot.

Check in tomorrow to see my lens burrito in closer detail and how I made it.

Spring is coming

Aunty Patti's presents have me thinking back to when we were lucky enough to visit Japan in 2007.
It was April and the cherry blossoms were out. It was simply beautiful and I am already excited for spring because the blossoms are starting on our road:

What's your favourite part about spring?

Presents from Japan

Sam's Aunty Patti and Uncle Rod have just got back from a trip to Japan and they brought a bag of lovely presents with them.

From the top left (clockwise) you can see origami paper, geisha girl bookmarks, chopsticks, samurai bookmarks, miyajima snacks, flip flop socks and a mobile cover.

Thanks Patti and Rod, glad you had a great holiday!

Sunday: Last day of the Gwilym photoshoot

Happy Friday!

Here's an outtake from the Gwildog photoshoot on the new quilt to get you in the mood for the weekend:

Gwildog on the new quilt

Day 3 of the Gwilym photoshoot:

Continental knitting is coming along

I've been practising my knitting and have a few more pages of my knitting scrapbook to share.

See more of my knitting prowess after the jump:

Gwilym photoshoot

Day two of the Gwilym on the new quilt:

New Quilt

Happy Monday!

This weekend I bought a quilted throw from Primark for a bargainous £15. I attempted to take pictures of it but it quickly turned into a Gwilym photoshoot:

The throw is printed to look like patchwork and is the perfect addition to my craft room. Lovely as it is, I took a number of pictures of Gwilym and the next week will be dedicated to his royal cuteness.

Check in this week and see him in all his glory.

Learning to knit: continental knitting

I'm always trying to learn to knit, and I have picked up several alternatives along the way. I learnt to knit with a crochet hook and I have even tried knitting on a loom. At some point there is a series of posts about this that needs to be written because I've tried a lot of knitting variations.

I recently posted about learning to knit with actual knitting needles using the continental knitting method. I started with a thick chenille yarn that was pretty forgiving with my sloppy tension. After trying the English method many times I feel like the continental (or German) style is going to be my key to success so I'm trying to be systematic in my learnings.

I've been knitting swatches of the basic stitches and I have made a little book to store them in:

When I first made these swatches I was so pleased with myself but taking pictures of them made me see how wonkly my stitches are. I need lots and lots of practice to get to the point of making anything!

I cast off on this ribbed stitch square and realised that I'd been doing my knit stitch wrong and twisting them. Fortunately I picked this up now and I think I have rectified the issue now.

This seed stitch swatch is the best looking of them all which I am taking to mean that I am getting better!

If anyone has suggestions of nice and easy patterns to get me going on making things, please do let me know by leaving a comment.

Crazy Photos: The Boys

I love these boys but seriously, they should stop taking extreme close ups of their faces with the flash on!

Wedding inspiration: wreaths

I saw this paper leaf topiary DIY on The House That Lars Built and thought, must Pin that!

And then I saw this invite by Minted featured on Deliciously Organised and all of a sudden a theme emerged.

To people who know me, this is not necessarily a theme I have decided upon. Just one that I can picture in my head.