Vision Boarding

Last night was our monthly WI meeting and we had Elaine Gleeson, a life coach, leading a vision boarding session.

A vision board is a bit like a collage of your goals to focus you toward achieving them. Most people cracked on searching for images of whatever they knew they wanted, sticking pictures down as they went along. I was lost.

"I don't know what I want," I wailed!

We all brought magazines and Elaine encouraged me not to look for specifics but to cut out any and all images that appealed to me or that I just liked. I started chatting to the ladies around me and almost absent mindedly began tearing out pictures.

I didn't finish my board in the session because being a committee member means a lot of running around but when I got home I used my craft knife and had a whale of a time putting together my collage:

Honestly, if I had set out to search for the specific things I know I want, this is not what I would have created. If I had been paying attention, this is not what I would have created. And that is why I love it. Something inside me made this. I can't wait to make it happen!

Wedding recap: The table that got destroyed

The happiest bride I ever saw knew what would make her guests happy and instead of dressing her tables with flowers she placed big bowls of sweets in the middle. Decor and favours in one!

Sadly we ate all of the flying saucers within 10 minutes of sitting down and pretty quickly the whole bowl was emptied on the table to get at the cola bottles at the bottom. Carnage:

Happy Monday!

May the happy memories of your weekend carry you through the working week.

This weekend: Wedding season began!

Congratulations to our friends Nikki and James who got married this weekend. Nikki was the happiest bride I've ever seen and I'm sure she had a wonderful day. I managed to capture her looking serene during the speeches.

I took my new camera with the intention of taking loads of photos but we weren't allowed to take pictures of the ceremony so I ended up leaving it in the car. Instead many comedy shots were taken, including this gem:

I'll post some more over the next few days!

So busy around here

Hey there, I just wanted to pop in and let you know that I have an extremely busy week ahead of me and may not be here very much next week.

I've managed to schedule an activity on every night of the week, which is something I really hate and to top it off I have a weekend away from home.

I'll keep up with my photo a day challenge and hopefully get to fill you in sometime this week.

I feel like I've barely achieved anything this weekend but at least I managed to prep all of my meals for the week:

I'd be lying if I didn't tell you that I feel incredibly smug to have cooked up and boxed my lunches for the week. I'm not always this organised but some nights I'll have a 5 minute turn around when I get home so I know I need to eat well at lunch and have a grab and go dinner.

In other news, we may have a winner on the wedding venue front and I'm late to bed again.

Feb Photo a Day catch up: week 2

Day 8: Sun

There actually wasn't any sun on show in London until 10th Feb so this was actually a few days late.

Day 9: Front Door

It looks pretty impressive!

Day 10: Self portrait

Oops! I've only just realised that I didn't take a photo of myself. I'll catch up on this one day when I'm looking hot!!!

Day 11: Makes you happy

Easy peasy:

Day 12: Inside your closet

Now that the spare room is tidy my wardrobe is a mess. It's a natural equilibrium that cannot be fought. However, that does not mean I am sharing the jumble of clothes with the world! As the American term closet can also mean cupboards and whatnot I decided to extend this to mean my boxes of crafting supplies:

Day 13 and 14: Blue and a heart

On Monday it was the West Ealing WI craft club and I learnt to knit. Yes I've tried to knit before but this time I was taught the continental knitting method and all of a sudden something clicked and I got it. And fortunately my yarn was blue! I  incorporated a crochet heart from last year so it's two challenges in one (no I don't consider this cheating!)

Day 15: Phone

This phone was a present from Sam several years ago:

Day 16: Something new

I couldn't think of anything that was new in my life today and then when I got home I had mail. A beautiful invite to what will definitely be a beautiful wedding:

Most, but not all, of my photos are posted via instagram. Interact with me via instagram and I will automatically follow you so come say hi, I'm projectlorna.

The great bag restyle part 3: Mobile phone cover

After procuring a pretty bag made with the shiniest electric blue leather I proceeded to cut it up and make a diary. Because that's what you do.

I then made a matching mobile phone cover:

This is simply a protective cover for my phone while it's in my bag. I know that a lot of people would prefer much more protection from their cases but for me this is ideal. It's simply a flap held on with elastic but it keeps my screen scratch free while being truly easy to access my phone.

Love it!

The great bag restyle part 2: diary

For the past few years I've been making my own diaries. Here is 2011's patchwork beauty. Most of the time I'm too ambitious with what I hope to capture in my diary and end up abandoning it for a bajillion post-it notes by May. This year I decided to simplify my efforts.

Having decided upon a very simplified yet unusual layout I mocked up the outer using a cereal box and this was my diary for the month of January.

I was waiting for the right fabric to enter my life and when the pretty blue bag passed into my possession I knew just what to make with it.

Behold the 2012 diary of beauty and joy:

Obviously the diary did not use up all of the leather so tune in tomorrow to see the next thing I made from the bag.

February Photo a Day Challenge: Button

Many, many buttons on a shelf in our spare room.

I'm deeply enjoying the photo a day challenge but I will probably do a weekly round up of my pictures as posting them daily is a bit much. My next instalment of photos will be on Tuesday 14th Feb - Valentine's day!

The great bag restyle part 1: before

This weekend I butchered a bag. A very beautiful bag:

This bag was initially purchased from a well known online retailer in the post- Christmas sales. It is a beautiful electric blue (faux) leather. Sadly, it is in the style of a plastic shopping bag. While this is initially pleasing to the eye it is not actually a very practical bag as the handles are not long enough to go over a shoulder. So the lovely blue bag was destined to be returned.

But the more I thought about the shiny electric blue, the more my mind whirred. Surely it could be something else. Something even more useful. So I bought the pretty blue bag. It was a bargainous £7.50.

I took photos to remember the bag as it once was:

And then I cut it up!

Tune in tomorrow to see what the pretty blue bag is now.

February Photo a Day: Dinner

Phew, it feels like I've been doing this for more than 6 days.

So today's challenge was dinner. Up north we say breakfast dinner and tea rather than breakfast lunch and dinner so I have my dinner at lunchtime!

For dinner today I had left over of our roast dinner and here it is in all it's glory:

Yum yums indeed!

Weekend Love: London Snow

Sunday's February photo a day is of 10 am and this is a shot of the fox prints in our back garden in the shape of a heart.

As we weren't able to attend the wedding venue viewing due to the snow we decided to make the most of it and make a snowman.

And then Sam decided to mutilate our snowman and he went through a variety of looks:

After our fun in the snow we had some mulled wine and a lovely home cooked roast dinner.

I finally got round to doing some sewing and I have at least 3 projects to show you this week!

I hope you had a great weekend too.

Photo a day catch up and SNOW!!!

Friday's February photo a day challenge was hands. My plan for the photo required Sam's hands but we barely saw each other so I had to wait until Saturday morning to get my shot.

This was taken in the Nelson Room at Ealing Town Hall.

Saturday's prompt was a stranger. I decided that this would be a great way to capture the snowfall from the Beast from the East.

Here is a random person by the bus stop at around 7pm:

And here is the same bus stop at around 11pm:

Sam is so excited about the snow here in London... because it gets him out of a wedding venue viewing tomorrow!

Our back garden at 11:30pm on Saturday evening:

February photo a day challenge: Words

Could these words help to change the world?

To join in the photo a day challenge head to Fatmumslim.

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February Photo a day challenge

I'm not promising masterpieces. I'm not even that hopeful that I can remember to take a photo everyday but I have really enjoyed seeing the pictures that people took for January's challenge. I'm mainly going to participate using instagram. I don't normally operate an automatic follow back policy but to get involved in this project I'm happy to follow back all new followers this month (I'm projectlorna). 

It's not too late to start, head over to fatmumslim to check out the challenges and link up.

P.S. Am I the only one left wondering where on earth January went?!