A few small changes here and there

I've been threatening it for a while, but today I finally made some of the changes I've been meaning to.

1. Twitter name

I don't know why I chose my twitter name but I came across some tumblr accounts with similar names recently that made me seriously reconsider. Today I changed my handle to @projectlorna

It would be great to get to know some of the lovely people that read my blog so send me a tweet this week so I can start to follow you.

2. Blog layout

Notice anything different around here? That's right, after sobbing about the challenges of creating a right angled triangle in photoshop last week, I have finally completed my blog redesign and implemented it.

It was very scary because I have no formal training in these matters and am reliant upon the school of Google for everything. My aim was a much cleaner, brighter look and I feel that this has been achieved. I'll be adding to it here and there over the next few weeks and if you notice anything not looking right or working properly then please let me know.

Have a great week!