Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Crafting goals: an uber blanket

So the time for newyear's resolutions may have passed but I'm not letting that stop me set some goals. This year I really want to make finish a decent sized blanket. I definitely find that my enthusiasm for a craft project dwindles if it takes too long to finish so I am really pushing myself out of my comfort zone with this goal.

I am aiming for something big enough for my sofa rather than something that could cover the steps of Helsinki Cathedral:

Image via CraftyCrafty

My inspiration has mainly come from Pinterest and I have been madly pinning some beautiful knitted and crochet images:

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

Does it count as cheating if I don't crochet the entire blanket? Not if it looks this good:

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

What are your crafting goals for 2012? Are you thinking big or are you going to make one new thing each day/week/month? Are you going to learn something new this year?

Leave me a comment and I'll see what I will comment back with something to inspire you towards your goals!


  1. Great goal!! I have the same issue of when it takes too long I lose motivation. I actually want to make 20 dolls and sell them this year. I love making dolls have some really great patterns.
    Love your blog!!

    1. I am sure that you will surpass your goal Olivia! Can't wait to see some of your dolls on your blog.


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