News from the Frontlines

Last weekend (already so long ago) was bonfire night. We have been going  to the display at Ealing Cricket Club for a few years now and our catering response to the event has grown year on year. This year, despite hosting 15 people, we grossly over-catered. The food was all lovely, mainly because most of it was made by my brother and sister in-laws-to-be but we've barely made a dent in the mountain of food in our fridge!

I wish I could share photos of this event but I didn't take a single shot :-(

I'm cracking on with my WI duties and generally getting excited about Christmas. My line manager and I jointly bought a mini Christmas tree and I am desperate to put it up already.

I've been reading The Help for the WI book club and cannot put it down. I nearly missed my tube stop the other day because I was so engrossed in it.

This weekend I'm heading up north to see the Huddersfield crew. I haven't seen them in ages and am really looking forward to a catch up. I'm also playing last post for Remembrance Sunday in one of my local villages. Then I'll be hotfooting it back down to London for a Sunday night Come Dine With Me.

Is it still only Wednesday?