The great British wedding venue search

I do not feel any closer to finding the perfect venue for our wedding. I have heaps of time to find one so I'm not panicking yet, but I have looked a lot and it gets a little bit tiring. The worst thing about finding somewhere in London is that there are so many wonderful venues out there if you have an unlimited amount of money to spend:

Sam would love to go to Savages, also known as the National Liberal Club but at a minimum charge of £2,500 just to open the building up on a Saturday means a wedding here could quickly spiral in cost.

The Natural History Museum's Tyrannosaurus Rex is definitely welcome at our wedding but at prices starting from £17,200 we'll only be celebrating our wedding here if we win the lottery.

I do at least have some criteria that has narrowed down the search list massively:

1. Food

The thing that makes my heart sink when a menu is featured on the venue website or even worse, a venue stipulates the need to use an approved caterer. I love food but some of the people I love the most have special eating requirements and I want them to be included in our eating plans as much as any other guest. Also, I can't afford to buy everyone I know a slap up meal, as much as I would want to. 

The thing I love the most about my job at the moment is it's proximity to Whitecross Street market because the food is truly delicious and incredible value. And within this street are the two food purveyors I would like to cater my wedding. First is the Roast of Sherwood who do a mighty fine hogroast. The second is my absolute favourite food on all of Whitecross Street (which says a lot because it is all delicious) Wholefood Heaven.

So I am on the lookout for a venue that will allow me to serve a hogroast and park a cute Citroen H van to serve my guests tasty food and provide an adequate space for them to eat it.

I'm pretty sure that this requirement alone puts me out of the running for most places that would host both our ceremony and reception so I am now looking for venues. Great!

2. Dog friendly

There's no way my little man is going to miss out on my big day.

So I'm on the lookout for a place that will allow the Gwildog and his little brother Gethin to get involved in the ceremony.

3. Local

Little doggies quickly get tired so it would be fab if we can drop them back home without taking several hours out of the day.


Gosh I hope not!

If you have any suggestions for anywhere in West London (within half an hour of Ealing) that meets these criteria then please, please, please leave me a comment letting me know.