Wedding Flowers Part 4 - Overall look and feel

I bet you're thinking, enough with the flowers already! But I love that I have made a decision towards our wedding. It actually makes me feel like I'm ahead of schedule even if it is just in one area.

So today we have the overarching look and feel of my wedding flowers. These are just inspirational pictures rather than something I aim to reproduce exactly.

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News from the frontlines

Phew, it's been a hectic few weeks. Time is flying past so quickly that I'm not convinced that I'm savouring the moment and as much as I get done, I seem to let even more fall off the table.

Lately I have been (in no particular order):
  • Dying my hair (accidentally) black. Fortunately it suits me or I would be pretty upset.
  • Eating steak in Chelsea
  • Reviewing brownies
  • Listening to Stanford's Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders podcast series
  • Giving Gwilym a bath and a haircut for his annual Christmas card photoshoot. The above picture is an outtake :-)
  • Loving the Pan Am TV series (I have always had a girl crush on Christina Ricci)
  • Wanting to go to the cinema but never quite making it
  • Having an adventure with Nikki picking up Christmas tree branches for the upcoming WI wreath making session
  • Learning that brownies are the exception to the rule that everything tastes better slow cooked
  • Listening to Christmas With Ella Fitzgerald
  • Feeling gleeful that a 25% off voucher at Hobbycraft made my purchase exactly £10 (oh the magic of maths)
  • Attending an amazing Thanksgiving Meal
  • Checking out craft fairs that I unsuccessfully applied to hold a stall at (salt in my wounds!)
  • Attending wedding fairs with my Maid of Honour
  • Getting hacked off that my sat nav will now only talk to me in an Australian accent
  • Painting my nails with China Glaze's Phat Santa, the perfect wintery red
  • Writing a thousand lists
  • Getting oh so excited about Christmas!

Wedding Flowers Part 3 - containers

I've collated more images of wedding flowers than I thought was even possible! This instalment of my ongoing obsession will focus not on the blooms themselves but on what you can pop them in!

Tin Cans

Plain, painted or covered in vintage papers, tin cans are just too lovely.


Simple and stylish but wouldn't work in ordinary plastic buckets!


You can't check out a wedding blog these days without seeing mason jars. Jonas Peterson has published the Mason Jar Manifesto  and the Offbeat Bride is one of many to spring to their defence. There's no denying that a tablescape incorporating them looks festive.


I love the look of glass bottles and along with tin cans, they're probably going to be my preferred flower receptacle.

Wedding Flowers part 2b - boutonnieres

Sam wanted a sneak peek at what I had in mind for his buttonhole. I think I'll go for all gypsophelia unless we decide to mix other flowers in, which I imagine would be a last minute decision when we go to buy the flowers. I like the idea of mixing in some other details of the day and I'm not in any rush to get this sorted just yet.

Wedding Flowers Part 2 - Bouquets

My new favourite wedding flower looks amazing as a bouquet:

It's also stunning in collaboration with another flower in the mix:

But really I love it on its own!

The only bouquet that might sway me is the non-flower bouquet. Brooch bouquets have been pretty big over the past year:

This butterfly bouquet is a stunning twist:

And if we went onto Don't tell the bride, I imagine my bouquet would look like this:

Wedding Flowers Part 1

No, I have not yet found a venue for my wedding ceremony or reception. But I am not letting that get in the way of planning my wedding flowers. 

I don't even know why. I'm not a huge flower person but a quick look at my pinterest boards will show that I have fallen for gypsophelia, a.k.a. baby's breath and I have fallen for it hard.

This is normally used as a bit of a filler flower but when used en masse it is simply stunning. When I saw it used to make giant flower pom poms I was hooked. I love that it goes brilliantly with most other flowers so if I do decide to bring in a more traditional flower it will work with these. I cannot wait to fill my chosen venue with these clouds of joy!

Remembrance Sunday

For as long as I can remember I have been involved in Remembrance Sunday parades. It started when I was in brownies and guides, and then marching with brass bands. Since the age of 14 I have been playing last post. 

This year is one of the few times when I haven't done the bugling. Instead it was the Salvation Army's turn to play their respects. I was still there, marching with the band and playing hymns while the wreaths were laid. Quite a few people remembered that I had played last post in 2010, and for those who don't, or who weren't there, here is a little video Sam took:

Do you take part in your local Remembrance Sunday parades?

We will remember them

News from the Frontlines

Last weekend (already so long ago) was bonfire night. We have been going  to the display at Ealing Cricket Club for a few years now and our catering response to the event has grown year on year. This year, despite hosting 15 people, we grossly over-catered. The food was all lovely, mainly because most of it was made by my brother and sister in-laws-to-be but we've barely made a dent in the mountain of food in our fridge!

I wish I could share photos of this event but I didn't take a single shot :-(

I'm cracking on with my WI duties and generally getting excited about Christmas. My line manager and I jointly bought a mini Christmas tree and I am desperate to put it up already.

I've been reading The Help for the WI book club and cannot put it down. I nearly missed my tube stop the other day because I was so engrossed in it.

This weekend I'm heading up north to see the Huddersfield crew. I haven't seen them in ages and am really looking forward to a catch up. I'm also playing last post for Remembrance Sunday in one of my local villages. Then I'll be hotfooting it back down to London for a Sunday night Come Dine With Me.

Is it still only Wednesday?

The great British wedding venue search

I do not feel any closer to finding the perfect venue for our wedding. I have heaps of time to find one so I'm not panicking yet, but I have looked a lot and it gets a little bit tiring. The worst thing about finding somewhere in London is that there are so many wonderful venues out there if you have an unlimited amount of money to spend:

Sam would love to go to Savages, also known as the National Liberal Club but at a minimum charge of £2,500 just to open the building up on a Saturday means a wedding here could quickly spiral in cost.

The Natural History Museum's Tyrannosaurus Rex is definitely welcome at our wedding but at prices starting from £17,200 we'll only be celebrating our wedding here if we win the lottery.

I do at least have some criteria that has narrowed down the search list massively:

1. Food

The thing that makes my heart sink when a menu is featured on the venue website or even worse, a venue stipulates the need to use an approved caterer. I love food but some of the people I love the most have special eating requirements and I want them to be included in our eating plans as much as any other guest. Also, I can't afford to buy everyone I know a slap up meal, as much as I would want to. 

The thing I love the most about my job at the moment is it's proximity to Whitecross Street market because the food is truly delicious and incredible value. And within this street are the two food purveyors I would like to cater my wedding. First is the Roast of Sherwood who do a mighty fine hogroast. The second is my absolute favourite food on all of Whitecross Street (which says a lot because it is all delicious) Wholefood Heaven.

So I am on the lookout for a venue that will allow me to serve a hogroast and park a cute Citroen H van to serve my guests tasty food and provide an adequate space for them to eat it.

I'm pretty sure that this requirement alone puts me out of the running for most places that would host both our ceremony and reception so I am now looking for venues. Great!

2. Dog friendly

There's no way my little man is going to miss out on my big day.

So I'm on the lookout for a place that will allow the Gwildog and his little brother Gethin to get involved in the ceremony.

3. Local

Little doggies quickly get tired so it would be fab if we can drop them back home without taking several hours out of the day.


Gosh I hope not!

If you have any suggestions for anywhere in West London (within half an hour of Ealing) that meets these criteria then please, please, please leave me a comment letting me know.

Feliz Dia de los Muertos

Today is the Mexican holiday of the day of the dead, and the symbol of the day is the skull. Which is convenient because this was exactly my costume of choice for hallowe'en (which is strongly linked to my make up skills acquired for looking like Lady Gaga!).

Click through for another picture of Sam's black Swan inspired make up and an out-take from my day of the dead photos.