The Women's Institute

I'm not sure if I've mentioned it or not yet on this little corner of the internet that I call home but I have been part of the team setting up the West Ealing Women's Institute.

My good friend Nikki set the whole thing in motion and I got on board just as things kicked off and have secured myself a committee position as secretary. We had our first official meeting to form in September and I wanted to use the momentum we built up so suggested a craft group meeting at the Star and Anchor pub.

For me, the event was perfect. I sat in the cosy pub, sipping a cocktail having a natter and crafting away. Several things about the evening made me incredibly happy:

1. One woman came along with a beautiful wicker basket. When we complimented her on the pretty crafting vehicle she told us that she hadn't used this craft basket and it's contents in over 20 years. My one email inviting people to the pub for a craft added several new hexagons to her paper pieced quilt. That felt great!

2. I was wearing a scarf that another crafty lady in my life had made for me and it inspired one of the ladies to make a similar item. As you can see from the picture above it was also one of the fastest crafts of the night.

3. I taught someone to crochet. I have actually vastly overstated my accomplishments as my initial cocktail meant my teaching skills were rather poor indeed. Despite this we had an identifiable granny square at the end of the evening which is pretty good going for a novice being taught by an incoherent beginner!

4. At the end of the evening I overheard one woman telling the others on her table how happy she was that she'd come. She'd had an awful day and knew that she would have a sleepless night dwelling on it. In the end, a craft and a natter had recharged her and I think she'd come up with a plan of action with the help of her fellow crafters.

I had the most wonderful time. I think that sometimes it is easier to chat when you have something in your hands to work on. I'm so grateful to Nikki and Val for getting this in motion as now I'm firing on all cylinders thinking up things we can do. 

If you have any ideas for speakers/workshop leaders for the WI, tweet @WestEalingWI, leave a comment or email me.