Weddings weddings everywhere

"Everyone judges weddings"

Once you've been to a few weddings it is inevitable that you will start to judge them. They are one of the few social events that haven't evolved with the rest of society and have strict etiquette rules by which to judge.

Who knew that the art of getting married would be fraught with politics?

I know that I won't be in a place to get married next year but even with the luxury of two years to plan it, getting my venue sorted out has monopolised my thoughts for weeks now. I have a wedding planner (of the bridal filofax variety) and have actually placed a huge amount of info in it. I even have three potential venues in mind.

I will be haphazardly posting my wedding ideas as and when they happen, albeit a diluted version as I would of course like the day itself to be a bit of a surprise. And now that my friends are falling like dominoes with the weight of their new engagement rings, I also rather selfishly, want to keep my ideas for my special day! 

Update: After posting this I headed straight over to my favourite wedding blog, Rock n Roll Bride where the inimitable Gala Darling was quoted: “What other people think of you is none of your business.”  I needed to hear that right now!