One of the cutest knitting projects I have ever seen: beekeeper's quilt

This weekend, like this week (and most probably the foreseeable future) has been absolutely manic. I have shoehorned so much into it and have had a lovely time catching up with my parents and family from up t'north. It was my plan to tell you all about this. But in a brief moment of downtime I checked my reader and Meredith of One Sheepish Girl had linked to this little sneaky peak of a project:

So I clicked through to A Common Thread to see what it was all about where I saw these cute fair isle hexapuffs:

And even though I still can't knit very well with actual knitting equipment, I got excited and started clicking through to see what the beekeeper's quilt was all about.


Image by Glinsterling on Flickr

Chalklegs has pdf patterns for some cute patterns to knit into them, including constellations and the fair isles featured above.

I think, judging by her enthusiasm on her video, that Stephanie of Tiny Owl Knits invented the beekeeper's quilt and you can buy patterns for it from her website.

I didn't have time to delve too deeply into the world of hexapuffs but there are patterns on Ravelry, and a flickr group dedicated to them.

This is a long term project made up of lots of small, easy to achieve mini projects. I love it. I need to learn to knit well enough to make them and to change my thread colours to make the patterned variety.

This is absolutely my 2012 project. Alongside planning my wedding of course!