The Women's Institute

In August I went to the quilting episode of the Borough Belles Women's Institute with my friend Nikki and learnt to do English paper piecing hexagon patchwork. I didn't finish the flower in the session but I took it home and was so proud of the finished product I decided I it needed a vehicle to get it out of the house.

Say hello to ...

And the best bit is, this bag already has a purpose. It will be used for official WI business because Nikki and a woman called Val are setting up a West Ealing Women's Institute and I have tagged along with them to help wherever I can.

On August 23rd we held a launch party to meet anyone who would be interested in joining at the Star and Anchor and an amazing 41 people turned up.

On Tuesday 27 August the first official West Ealing WI will be meeting and I am incredibly excited. We will have such a fantastic membership within which there is already so much talent and knowledge to share around. We have so many ideas and I cannot wait to get stuck in and get going with this and the WI bag will be with me all the way!

If you would like to join the West Ealing WI, head over to the blog and sign yourself up to the mailing list for more information. Can't wait to meet you then!