Santa Barbara to San Diego with a few stops along the way

I haven't updated on our holiday progress for a few days so here is a quick catch up.

I loved Santa Barbara and was sad to leave. I had wanted to get my step-dad a UCSB t-shirt or hoody so we had our eyes peeled for a Walmart as we left. Walmart did not have anything branded with the university but it did have a Knook for Nikki. A few shops down was a Jo-Ann's craft store and I found a sock loom which has made me very happy indeed! I cannot wait to get knitting socks on the loom, even though Ruth has promised to teach me to knit on normal knitting needles.

Driving down the coast we made a quick stop at Malibu Beach. I was desperate to see Hollywood and even though Robert and Ruth had been before and weren't terribly enthused to go again, they braved the horrible traffic so that I could get my picture of the Hollywood sign. I'm so grateful to them both for this holiday and their patience with my photo collection!

The Chinese theatre and the road around it was closed off because of the premiere for Abduction, some film starring Taylor Lautner off of the Twilight films. We didn't stick around to meet him even though he is pretty hot!

Several hours of traffic later we finally made it to Laguna Beach. It's not so clear in the picture above but there was a jacuzzi in our hotel room which amazed me. Sadly, Robert turned it on before it had filled up properly and managed to soak the entire room!

Laguna was absolutely lovely and I could have stayed there for a few more days. As we walked along the beach Sam saw some fins sticking out of the water and we immediately thought "shark"! It turned out to be dolphins frolicking in the sea so we stopped and watched for a while. We happened upon some people doing some cool circus tricks in a big metal hoop and I was hugely entertained watching them. Does anyone know what this circus skill is called because I loved watching it and would love to see more?

We are now in our holiday home in San Diego and after so much travelling the house didn't quite meet our initial expectations. I was in a bit of a silly mood so when we went food shopping Sam and I took daft photos of the produce. Our favourite shot was of the squash that looks like a bum! We also took pictures of the donut peaches, yellow tomatoes and white onions. Anyone reading from America won't understand why I considered these to be photo worthy but I haven't seen food in these shapes and/or colours at home and they amused me in my giddy mood!

I expect that now that we are chilling out in San Diego I will have less to post about so I probably won't be back for a few days.

If anyone has any suggestions of things to do in San Diego, please leave me a comment.