Huge News: We're engaged!

I decided not to blog the best bit of my holiday until I had told my parents and asked my best friend to be my maid of honour. This has all been done so I am delighted to share with you the happy news.

I had absolutely no idea whatsoever that Sam was going to propose to me and it took me completely by surprise. We had booked a meal at a restaurant in La Jolla, San Diego and set off early for a wander around the area. Unbeknownst to me, Sam had planned it so that we would be at the beach for sunset. As we walked along the beach we stopped to watch the sealions and Sam asked me to marry him, producing from thin air the most beautiful ring. Without hesitation I said yes!

Apparently Sam had been planning to ask me earlier in the holiday. He was going to recreate a moment we had several years ago on a pebble beach in the South of France. This is why we did the 17 mile drive around Pebble Beach Bay. What I didn't mention about the beach was that it was quite a strongly scented area. The beach was covered in seaweed and it wasn't actually a pebble beach, more a sandy beach with some large rocks. We joked on the day that "stinky sand beach with rocks" wasn't as romantic a name. I am glad that Sam aborted the mission and rescheduled because La Jolla was a perfect backdrop.

I wanted to surprise my maid of honour so I have kept the news off the internet, which was incredibly difficult! I made a little "invite" for her and put the request to be my maid of honour inside a cupcake box. Hopefully she'll say yes because I have pre-written this post and it is scheduled to post while we are at dinner together. Fingers crossed she agrees.