Weekend Love: Busy busy busy

I am definitely in one of those spells where things are really manic. I still have the wonderful interviews from Tattoo Jam to finish writing up and sending around before posting on here and I have loads of other really exciting things happening.


The boys were out on Friday evening so I took the opportunity to commandeer the bathroom for a few hours and bleached my hair to try and create the ombre hair colour. It worked out better than I expected and I didn't burn my hair off my scalp so I'm pretty pleased with the experiment. I think that with my hair being so light anyway, it isn't as effective as when it is on darker hair:

Image via From Head to Toe

 I've been swinging wildly between the desire to bleach the lot and dying the top of my hair back to brunette. Decisions, decisions!


Saturday I had a day at work which was definitely a shock to the system. It was a training day for the interns at work and I was part of a group of staff trying to replicate all the scenarios they might face in responding to an emergency. We definitely had much more fun than the interns because we got to dress up!

Sadly all of my pictures are a little blurry as we were all so busy laughing!

After a hectic day being a health coordinator, a driver, a translator and several affected villagers I had to hotfoot it back to Ealing for Josh and Laurie's engagement party:


Sunday passed by in a blur. I have decided that I want to have my own stall at a Christmas craft fair and this weekend I started to overcome the first hurdle of not having anything to sell. I tried my hand at embellishing some crocheted baubles but this is going to take a lot more work that I originally anticipated so if anyone has any good ideas for making these balls look like Christmas decorations I would be incredibly grateful.

The boy and I had a very productive coffee date and then we met up with Josh and Laurie for some Finster's Fro Yo:

This week

This week is also going to be pretty manic:

Tuesday evening is the first meeting of the newly founded West Ealing Women's Institute at the Star and Anchor on Uxbridge Road with yours truly as the treasurer! This is incredibly exciting. Last week I attended a meeting of the Borough Belles WI to get a feel for how these things run and I am so fortunate to know the founding president Nikki and be invited to be a part of this group. Can. Not. Wait!

Wednesday is Batman Live at the O2. I don't really know what it is but I am going!

Thursday is the bookbinding workshop at Homemade London.

Can this week get any fuller?! Thank God there'e a 3 day weekend at the end of it because I will need a rest.

I hope you all have a wonderful week too.