Belated update on this weekend's shopping extravaganza - Part 1!

It was my good intention to post about this weekend's Craft Guerilla Summer Fair and Vintage at Southbank closer to the weekend they happened on than to the next weekend but sometimes life gets in the way!

Anywho, I went to the craft fair on Saturday and was slightly held up by some kind of march by a Muslim group and a counter march by the far-right English Defence League which meant that the police presence around Walthamstow was sufficient enough to make me think there was a riot going on!

When I made it to the fair it more than made up for the long and fearful journey. I loved looking around and chatting to crafty people. I picked up some beautiful things and ate some yummy brownies. I actually wish that I had the cajones to speak to them about this blog and try and make a real feature out of the whole thing but really struggled to bring it up. I haven't yet worked on my "elevator pitch" for Project Lorna and when people ask me what I blog about I just mumble that it's about the stuff that I do and the stuff that I like which isn't overwhelmingly appealing. On a side note, thank you so much for reading my random stuff that I do and like, I really appreciate it and if there's anything you'd like to me add to this blog to make it more appealing, leave me a comment.

Back to the fair!

Cosy Bag

Within seconds of arriving at the fair I had made my first purchase of a silver leather phone cosy from Claire of Cosy Handmade Bags. It matches the silver bow I got from Hatastic! at the wedding fair and couldn't resist having a phone case to match my hair!

There was quite a selection of leather goods fashioned into bags and purses and you can buy some of it online at Folksy.


The next stall had me captivated. I didn't take any pictures of this fair at all because I am a bad blogger, but here is a picture of the Honksville stall from another show featured on the Craft Guerrilla blog:

I purchased a small fabric purse with a hand stamped image of a bee with teeth on it and used it for the duration of the fair to collect business cards in. There was also a rather exciting lucky dip for £2 which I indulged in and am saving opening my little package until I need a little pick me up! Such a good idea for craft fairs because I wanted loads. If you want a honk dolly or a bourbon biscuit necklace visit the Honksville shop.

Jess Jess Jewellery

The Jess Jess Jewellery stand was filled with an array of beautiful jewellery. Most of the jewellery was made from miniatures of things like tea pots and food. A ring featuring a plate of mini macarons caught my eye, but I splashed out on some of the laser cut acrylic brooches. I bought Doug the Daschund for myself:
And I bought Terry the Rabbit for Nikki:

Images from the Jess Jess Jewellery site.

Hardy & Scott

Before I set off for the fair, the Boy requested a present. As soon as I saw the cakes on the Hardy & Scott stall I knew what he would be getting! I ended up purchasing 2 chocolate brownies and 2 peanut blondies. Oh my were they good.

They also deliver their traybakes as part of an membership plan so if you are looking out for gift ideas, this is one to consider.

I set myself a strict budget for the fair and within four stalls I was spent up. However there were plenty of other pretties:

Edwyn UK had a lovely display of dog accessories as well as bags and other sewn lovelies embellished with a canine theme. Visit the shop for a selection.

Superfumi had a whimsical collection of accessories, prints and cards featuring beautiful animal illustrations.

Neeksie sold rather beautiful handmade lingerie and cute fabric bows.

Sew Smitten laid out a selection of goods ranging from cards and prints through to cute bow necklaces.

I didn't get everyone's card at all so if you had a stall at Craft Guerrilla and I haven't featured you here, get in touch and I'll put you up because every hand made item I saw on Saturday was beautiful.

Coming soon... Vintage!