Belated update on last weekend's shopping extravaganza - Part 2!

Exactly one week today Vintage at Southbank started, and finally I'm getting around to posting my top 10 favourite things from my trip:

1. Bunting

2. Dancers

3. Mini tattoo trailer

4. Tutus

How pretty are these tutus from Doris? They remind me of Carrie Bradshaw from SATC and are incredibly well made.

5. Vintage Bikinis

6. Tea shops

7. Teal Chairs

8. Handmade accessories

Check out the Now, Voyager site because it is as pretty as the stall!

9. Candy Floss

10. The Chap Olympiad

Honourable mentions:

Collectables, furnishings and phones from Retro Bazaar; Old School caps from New Era; Handmade accessories from Lucie Ellen; Fairly made jewellery from Just Trade; Vintage home wear from What Comes Around London; The Vintage Victory community and marketplace; Homemade homewear from Mel Made This; Jewellery and accessories from Pretty Cuckoo.