My Bank Holiday Weekend

I have been meaning to write about my bank holiday weekend all evening but I kept looking at this cute notecard I originally saw on Lola Was Her Name:

If you wish to send these to everyone you know, get them from Haus Interior.

This weekend I enjoyed my favourite blended coffee beverage:

I went for a lovely walk along Regent's canal and spotted a beautiful bike:

And I made lots and lots.

I made a book for 30 days of lists, I made a WI bag (you'll hear about that soon enough) and I restyled a t-shirt into a bowl:

Hope you had an equally productive bank holiday and if you didn't have a long weekend it was a good one.

Blogging Worldwide

I saw Mary Rebecca's plan to curate a worldwide list of blogs and knew immediately that I wanted to be involved. And then I dilly-dallied on creating an image to add to the listings and ended up having to have to hash something together at the last minute today.

I hope I make it onto the listings and I really must get some better branding put together.

Blog Lovin' and Pinterest

I've been mega busy lately but I've been loving catching up on my favourite blogs using BlogLovin' and I just realised that you might want to Follow my blog with Bloglovin

I've also been spending any spare time collecting inspiration on Pinterest. I adore Marc of Take Out Photo's description of Pinterest a while back:

"It's like one-click blog posting. It's like curating without the headache of acquisitions. It's like a bowl of peanut butter M&Ms without the calories." So true!

If you want to see what has been catching my eye recently:

Follow Me on Pinterest

And I'm trying to make more of an effort with twitter recently @Lornathinks if you want to see what I'm talking about when I'm not on here.

What are your favourite social media outlets these days?

Weekend Love: Busy busy busy

I am definitely in one of those spells where things are really manic. I still have the wonderful interviews from Tattoo Jam to finish writing up and sending around before posting on here and I have loads of other really exciting things happening.


The boys were out on Friday evening so I took the opportunity to commandeer the bathroom for a few hours and bleached my hair to try and create the ombre hair colour. It worked out better than I expected and I didn't burn my hair off my scalp so I'm pretty pleased with the experiment. I think that with my hair being so light anyway, it isn't as effective as when it is on darker hair:

Image via From Head to Toe

 I've been swinging wildly between the desire to bleach the lot and dying the top of my hair back to brunette. Decisions, decisions!


Saturday I had a day at work which was definitely a shock to the system. It was a training day for the interns at work and I was part of a group of staff trying to replicate all the scenarios they might face in responding to an emergency. We definitely had much more fun than the interns because we got to dress up!

Sadly all of my pictures are a little blurry as we were all so busy laughing!

After a hectic day being a health coordinator, a driver, a translator and several affected villagers I had to hotfoot it back to Ealing for Josh and Laurie's engagement party:


Sunday passed by in a blur. I have decided that I want to have my own stall at a Christmas craft fair and this weekend I started to overcome the first hurdle of not having anything to sell. I tried my hand at embellishing some crocheted baubles but this is going to take a lot more work that I originally anticipated so if anyone has any good ideas for making these balls look like Christmas decorations I would be incredibly grateful.

The boy and I had a very productive coffee date and then we met up with Josh and Laurie for some Finster's Fro Yo:

This week

This week is also going to be pretty manic:

Tuesday evening is the first meeting of the newly founded West Ealing Women's Institute at the Star and Anchor on Uxbridge Road with yours truly as the treasurer! This is incredibly exciting. Last week I attended a meeting of the Borough Belles WI to get a feel for how these things run and I am so fortunate to know the founding president Nikki and be invited to be a part of this group. Can. Not. Wait!

Wednesday is Batman Live at the O2. I don't really know what it is but I am going!

Thursday is the bookbinding workshop at Homemade London.

Can this week get any fuller?! Thank God there'e a 3 day weekend at the end of it because I will need a rest.

I hope you all have a wonderful week too.

Weekend Love: Climbing challenge

This weekend was amazing.

My mum, aunty and second cousin were down in London for a long weekend. On Friday I had my cousin stay round at ours and had heaps of fun baking and chatting to him. He's such a cutie and a genuinely nice lad and I'm glad I got some time to get to know him better.

Sadly, hanging out with Buster til 2 am drinking wine wasn't quite the ideal start to the Everest challenge on Saturday morning!

I was mega panicked about this challenge which quite frankly seemed impossible before we started and I choked on the wall my first few attempts and couldn't complete my climbs. Fortunately I managed to calm down and got into the swing of things. If we'd have all climbed at my pace then we'd still be there now but fortunately some people were climbing machines and we smashed our target of 8,885 meters before 5pm.

I had such fun participating in this challenge but boy am I paying for it now. I hurt my knee in the process of climbing and all of my muscles still hurt today. It's not too late to sponsor us, the wall allowed us to do the challenge without charge so all money goes directly to Merlin. Please give whatever you can at

Sunday was spent chillaxing and it is so great to have one of those days where you do nothing.

Hope you all had a fab weekend too!

Random flashback album of the week

Jimmy Eat World: Bleed American
Released: 2001

This album has single handedly lifted me from a bit of a downer recently. Probably because it is intrinsically linked to my time in sixth form college.

More specifically this albums is the sound of me hanging out with the guys in the year above us and watching their bands play gigs and being groupies at band rehearsals in garages. It is the soundtrack to hanging out with boys I shouldn't and having a darn good time doing it. It is the sound of teenage kisses  by the moonlit lake. It is the accompaniment to a summer I will always remember.

Tutorial round up summer edition


The new Kirtsy website has a new slideshow every day. I loved the 10 Sunday Afternoon Crafts and I'm pretty sure that Kirtsy will be a new favourite.

Leather Passport Cover

Poppytalk featured this amazing leather passport cover DIY from Jepsen Leather Goods. I want one!

Cross-Stitch Phone Case

Um hello, AWESOME!!! If only I could cross-stitch. Sigh!


Creature comforts has done a round up of dream catcher tutorials across the web. I am particularly in love with Lune's tutorial using a doily.


Speaking of Lune, she posted a lovely video tutorial for making a wrapped bangle which would be a great way to participate in the Bloggers Do It Better: Arm Party.

Home DIYs

And if you wanted to do something a little more practical around the house, check out Apartment Therapy's 10 best sites for DIY Projects.

How the London Riots have affected this Londoner

Saturday and Sunday
Being up north and a busy bee missing my train home I didn't really hear about the weekend riots until I read the Metro (free paper) on the way to work on Monday. Naively I thought that they were over.

Monday morning
Monday was spent in blissful ignorance until my boss got a call some time between 4 and 5pm to tell her that her part of town was seeing trouble.

Monday afternoon
At this point I was shocked. I hadn't expected any more trouble. And then I went online for info. My manager and I stayed at work til nearly 7pm keeping tabs on the incoming information. We'd been mentally plotting the news on maps in our heads watching the action edge closer and closer to her house in Hackney.

Colleagues anxiously discussed where they were going and the likelihood of running into trouble. I proudly announced that living in Ealing Broadway, we simply wouldn't get any trouble in West London. I made plans for my manager to stay at ours for the night if she wasn't able to get to her boyfriend's in Brixton.

Monday evening
I made it home without any inclination of any troubles and I laughedwhen my mum called to discuss whether it would be necessary to cancel her trip down on Wednesday. West London, I assured her, would not riot.

Monday 8pm
A friend posted on Facebook that the shops and pubs were being closed early by police in Ealing Broadway and I had a few exchanges laughing that Ealing would only riot if the organic supermarkets ran out of vegan felafel. I started to follow #LondonRiots on twitter and started to see #Ealing more and more. At this point I started to panic.

Monday 11 pm
Long before the news of Ealing's riots hit the news channels it was on twitter and substantiated by the friend who lived on the main shopping street. At this point I started panic retweeting everything that looked vaguely credible. News was coming in that the yoofs were heading nearer and nearer our home. It was so scary to hear that our tescos had been hit. Our Starbucks. Oh god.

At half 11 we realised that we needed to take Gwilym for another walk and we did it together before dashing home. I didn't see anyone at all on our walk but I was petrified. As news came of a home invasion I wanted to bolt the front door shut from the inside but the Boy wouldn't let me in case any of the other flat residents were due to return.

Monday evening / Tuesday morning
I stayed up til half 1 watching the news and twitter, reassuring friends on Facebook and generally panicking. At this point it became apparent that I wouldn't be going to climbing training at 7:30 the next morning!

Photos of Ealing after the riots on Tuesday 09 August

Last night the angry mob struck Ealing Broadway. As we cowered in our house anxiously watching twitter for news, yoofs attacked our town, smashing windows, looting alcohol from Tescos and setting fire to cars and a shop.

Police had cordoned off areas of Ealing and pedestrians were taken on a convoluted tour of Ealing's worst hit areas to get to the tube station. These are some of the pictures I took on that route.

The Tescos on Haven Green that got attacked and ransacked for alcohol:

A chair still stuck in the glass at Pizza on the Green:

There were reports on Twitter that this florists had been set alight. Thankfully not but it definitely took a beating:

The wrecks of burnt out cars were still in situ this morning:

Burnt out shop still being doused by the fire brigade:

That's my Starbucks!!!

A traffic cone stuck in the glass at the Arcadia Shopping Centre:

And burnt litter strewn across the street at Ealing Broadway:

Tattoo Jam Weekend

* This post is late today because I have been anxiously following the London Riots, particularly in my adopted home town of Ealing. My heart goes out to any independent business affected by the actions of a few illiterate idiots.

Saturday was Tattoo Jam in Doncaster and I genuinely had the best time. I was really scared before I got there as I had no idea what to expect but it was absolutely fantastic. The atmosphere of a room full of hundreds of tattoos being done was insane!

I was so fortunate to be able to interview some of the best tattoo artists there, which was such an incredible experience, and I will be featuring these artists over the next few weeks. If you have any interest in tattoos you will not want to miss these at all!

I also managed to pick up some lovely laser cut acrylic jewellery including a swallow necklace, a stag brooch and a chihuahua ring. I'm seriously loving my acrylic animal jewellery right now.

I had such a good time at Tattoo Jam that I missed my train home to London and ended up having to get a train to Leeds instead. I had some nice chats with homeless people while I waited for my parents to pick me up and my mum made everything okay! Despite not packing any overnight stuff I had a brilliant time at home and caught the mega bus home from Manchester. For those who are unfamiliar with the mega bus it is the cheapest intercity travel so it tends to be a hellish journey with the desperate dregs of society. This journey flew by because an awesome graduate sat next to me heading down to start an internship at a fashion house. We bonded over a mutual love for her cambridge satchel company bag and we had a good chat the whole way down. Good times!

Despite the string of disasters I had a blast this weekend and I actually think they helped add to the fun!

I want to thank everyone who made my weekend special, especially my parents and the tattoo artists who were so generous to talk to me, you made my day year!

Mia Sabel: Beautiful Leather Goods

Last weekend I went to Walthamstow for the Craft Guerrilla Summer fair and on the way I stopped for some cash up Orford Road and walked past the Penny Fielding pop up shop. I popped in and got chatting to Mia Sabel who is  an amazingly creative woman who has embarked on a new career in leather.

Mia is undergoing training to become the best saddle maker in the west but you don't need a horse to own a piece of Mia's handiwork:

I was particularly enamoured with the stationery which included organisers using upcycled braces. There were also some stunning belts and bags.

Mia's work really is stunning and I couldn't help think that some of these products would make excellent luxury Christmas presents, especially for those awkward-to-buy-for dads and uncles.

If you are in Walthamstow on a Saturday, so check out the beautiful handiwork and if not, check it out online!

Belated update on last weekend's shopping extravaganza - Part 2!

Exactly one week today Vintage at Southbank started, and finally I'm getting around to posting my top 10 favourite things from my trip:

1. Bunting

2. Dancers

3. Mini tattoo trailer

4. Tutus

How pretty are these tutus from Doris? They remind me of Carrie Bradshaw from SATC and are incredibly well made.

5. Vintage Bikinis

6. Tea shops

7. Teal Chairs

8. Handmade accessories

Check out the Now, Voyager site because it is as pretty as the stall!

9. Candy Floss

10. The Chap Olympiad

Honourable mentions:

Collectables, furnishings and phones from Retro Bazaar; Old School caps from New Era; Handmade accessories from Lucie Ellen; Fairly made jewellery from Just Trade; Vintage home wear from What Comes Around London; The Vintage Victory community and marketplace; Homemade homewear from Mel Made This; Jewellery and accessories from Pretty Cuckoo.

Random flashback album of the week

Blink 182:  Enema of the State
Released: 1999

Recently I've been struggling to find new music and have returned to the music of my youth for inspiration. Sadly I don't have very much of my old stuff on my phone but this album has been making me smile, even on the way to work.

In my mind this album is instrinsically linked to a school 24 hour trip to France when we would jump on a bus and drive to France, look round and come back.

I'm sure that this was around the time that minidisc players were released and I spent hours making mix discs!  I used to carefully write all the track names on them and all of mine were purple which made me feel really special! I had an awesome minidisc and cd player at uni that lit up loads of different colours. Where did that go?!

Weirdly, listening to this album makes me think of a boyfriend I had long before this album was released which doesn't make any sense but if my mind has made a connection there must be one... hmmm thinking hats on.

Oh but I did date someone once who was a total Blink fanboy but that was several years after this was released. I'm pretty sure that I only started talking to him because he liked Blink come to think of it. Wow that was a whole chapter of my existence that was brought about entirely by this band!

What a cathartic release of random information onto the Internet! I think that I will try to do this whenever I listen to an old album and reminice wildly.

Guest posting!

I am so excited to tell you about my recent guest post over at Wattlebird.

I wrote up a tutorial on creating nail art using supplies you'd find around the house.

If you're interested in nail art, I have a nail art tumblr which is well worth a look.

5 things you can do before summer finishes

The August Break

Susannah Conway has started the August Break for bloggers and is encouraging us all to forgo text on our posts and instead tell the story of our August using images alone. It's a brilliant idea to reduce the time spent blogging and to encourage us to be more creative with our photography.

I'm not going to be taking up this challenge because 1) I've missed the beginning and things like that irk me, and 2) even if I started on time I'd probably fail to take a picture everyday so I know I won't keep up with it. I am incredibly envious of the people who have the self-discipline to participate and you can check out their work on the flickr group.

30 days of lists

I have had the foresight to get myself pre-registered for 30 Days of Lists in September and am really looking forward to listing like a crazy woman! Get yourself signed up now, you know you want to!

30 day photo challenge

Another August based photo challenge from Oh So Lovely but you could pick this up now or start whenever you want and is great for people who need prompting to be able to take a different photo every day.

This picture tells 3 tales

Leigh-Ann of Freckled Nest took this picture and told three stories related to it. What a brilliant idea that you can do at any time but why not start now with something related to summer.

Have a summertime Christmas Party

I have been meaning to blog this for ages because how brilliant is Chelsea's Christmas Party in July? Why let Christmas be relegated to December, crack out the decorations, put a Turkey in the oven and enjoy a hot toddy before the weather turns cold.

What will you be doing with the last month of summer?

Belated update on this weekend's shopping extravaganza - Part 1!

It was my good intention to post about this weekend's Craft Guerilla Summer Fair and Vintage at Southbank closer to the weekend they happened on than to the next weekend but sometimes life gets in the way!

Anywho, I went to the craft fair on Saturday and was slightly held up by some kind of march by a Muslim group and a counter march by the far-right English Defence League which meant that the police presence around Walthamstow was sufficient enough to make me think there was a riot going on!

When I made it to the fair it more than made up for the long and fearful journey. I loved looking around and chatting to crafty people. I picked up some beautiful things and ate some yummy brownies. I actually wish that I had the cajones to speak to them about this blog and try and make a real feature out of the whole thing but really struggled to bring it up. I haven't yet worked on my "elevator pitch" for Project Lorna and when people ask me what I blog about I just mumble that it's about the stuff that I do and the stuff that I like which isn't overwhelmingly appealing. On a side note, thank you so much for reading my random stuff that I do and like, I really appreciate it and if there's anything you'd like to me add to this blog to make it more appealing, leave me a comment.

Back to the fair!

Cosy Bag

Within seconds of arriving at the fair I had made my first purchase of a silver leather phone cosy from Claire of Cosy Handmade Bags. It matches the silver bow I got from Hatastic! at the wedding fair and couldn't resist having a phone case to match my hair!

There was quite a selection of leather goods fashioned into bags and purses and you can buy some of it online at Folksy.


The next stall had me captivated. I didn't take any pictures of this fair at all because I am a bad blogger, but here is a picture of the Honksville stall from another show featured on the Craft Guerrilla blog:

I purchased a small fabric purse with a hand stamped image of a bee with teeth on it and used it for the duration of the fair to collect business cards in. There was also a rather exciting lucky dip for £2 which I indulged in and am saving opening my little package until I need a little pick me up! Such a good idea for craft fairs because I wanted loads. If you want a honk dolly or a bourbon biscuit necklace visit the Honksville shop.

Jess Jess Jewellery

The Jess Jess Jewellery stand was filled with an array of beautiful jewellery. Most of the jewellery was made from miniatures of things like tea pots and food. A ring featuring a plate of mini macarons caught my eye, but I splashed out on some of the laser cut acrylic brooches. I bought Doug the Daschund for myself:
And I bought Terry the Rabbit for Nikki:

Images from the Jess Jess Jewellery site.

Hardy & Scott

Before I set off for the fair, the Boy requested a present. As soon as I saw the cakes on the Hardy & Scott stall I knew what he would be getting! I ended up purchasing 2 chocolate brownies and 2 peanut blondies. Oh my were they good.

They also deliver their traybakes as part of an membership plan so if you are looking out for gift ideas, this is one to consider.

I set myself a strict budget for the fair and within four stalls I was spent up. However there were plenty of other pretties:

Edwyn UK had a lovely display of dog accessories as well as bags and other sewn lovelies embellished with a canine theme. Visit the shop for a selection.

Superfumi had a whimsical collection of accessories, prints and cards featuring beautiful animal illustrations.

Neeksie sold rather beautiful handmade lingerie and cute fabric bows.

Sew Smitten laid out a selection of goods ranging from cards and prints through to cute bow necklaces.

I didn't get everyone's card at all so if you had a stall at Craft Guerrilla and I haven't featured you here, get in touch and I'll put you up because every hand made item I saw on Saturday was beautiful.

Coming soon... Vintage!