This weekend: Finsters Fro Yo

On Sunday we headed down to grab Fro Yo from Finster's in Ealing.

The boy's brother is practically addicted to it, and I'd missed an outing on the Kendo weekend so I was pretty desperate to try the yumminess that is Fro Yo (frozen yoghurt of course!).

Finster's Fro Yo serves a frozen yoghurt that is fat free and really tasty. They have a variety of toppings that include fresh fruit, granolas, chocolate buttons, oreo cookies and syrups like agave nectar and rosewater. The people that own the place are obviously pretty cool as there is some interesting art work up and a quick gander at their twitter shows that they write various quotes on the doorstep in chalk:

I added strawberries, some Japanese gelatinous snack made of rice and agave nectar to my fro yo and it was delicious:

If you're in Ealing, definitely hot foot it over to Finster's at 71 St Mary's Road, W5 5RG.