Exercise goal: touching base

Image from Tumblr so pretty much untraceable :-(

In my birthday month I set a modest exercise goal that I am pleased to say has so far been met.

I bought a living social deal for 5 fitness slots at No1 Studio Training and If I had the disposable income I would happily subscribe to this gym. The fitness slots are really hard work but at half an hour are achievable in both commitment and stamina. I am sure that 2-3 sessions a week would show results incredibly quickly.

Now that I have completed the deal and am saving up for San Diego, I've started to do yoga before work (hence the cute picture above). A colleague has an audio file on her phone that we practice along to and I'm delighted to be doing yoga again. I'm definitely considering bringing my mat home and including a home session once a week.

Do you have any recommendations for mp3s, DVDs, you tube videos or apps for practicing yoga or exercising at home?