4 Stories: Library

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Yay yay yay! Leigh-Ann has resurrected 4 Stories!

One. Books instead of Disney

At primary school I spent more time than most of the other kids in the school library. This was mostly because I loved reading. But I was always sent to the library during those end of term classes when we would watch a film instead of doing work. This is because I wasn't allowed to watch Disney films as a child and this rule extended to school too. As a result I am better read and having seen a few films as an adult I realise that so many social values have been Disneyficated. I'm glad now that my view on relationships has not been influenced by these values, even if it feels like I am the only one in the western world!

Two. Child Genius!

When I was 6 I did outrageously well on my sats and an external assessor came to school to assess me beyond the level of the exams. I remember really clearly one of the assessments involved the woman asking me to find her a book in the library about buttercups. I quickly found her a book about flowers and directed her to the relevant chapter covering buttercups. She then asked for a book about butterflies. Again I found her a non-fiction book about butterflies but also a couple of fiction books that I had recently read that featured butterlies. Then she asked me to find a third book. At this point, I theatrically sighed and told her that I would not find her any more books but instead would show her how the catalogue system worked so that she could find her own books. I love how sassy I used to be!

Three. Hallward

I once accrued so many fines at the University of Nottingham's Hallward Library  that my membership was nearly revoked. I recall putting together a highly amusing (to me) defence claiming that any attempt to block my usage of the library would be of such detriment to the university budget that my fines should not be punished but instead I should be held up as an example to other students. Oh how we used to wind up the librarians. In our defence though, they were unnecessarily strict and rude. There would be a continuous stream of announcements in the hour before the library closed at night going on and on about this that and the other. One of my favourite memories is one evening, the boy parodied the announcements with the phrase: "the Hallward Library would like announce it has now annexed Poland" in the exact tone of voice as the announcers.

Four. Passing Notes

I have so many uni memories based in the library. Occasionally there would be turf wars over desks. Sometimes I'd go there just for a nap, and there was the embarrassing time I woke myself up with an outrageously loud snore. There was also the time I went to sleep on a Heat magazine and spent the rest of the day with newsprint on my face without realising. But my favourite memories are the times the boy and I would study together in the Hallward library. We used to write each other cute and silly notes that we would pass over the table. We still have a collection of these notes and whenever I come across one I'm filled with such happy nostalgia. Libraries rock!