The sweatpant question answered

Back in January I asked myself the question if sweatpants would ever be appropriate attire.

This answers the question pretty well for me:

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This Weekend: Part 2

Most of my weekend was spent supporting a friend competing in The London Cup which is a Kendo competition.

I still don't know the rules that well but I sure had fun watching the fights / matches.The GB team came 2nd to the formidable USML in a very tense team final on Saturday and on Sunday there was an incredibly long tie-break match between UCL's Tsoi and GB's Thompson.

I was not able to stick around to watch the individual finals as I went climbing but here are a few action shots of my dear friend in action:

Thank you Leigh-Ann

Leigh-Ann is one of the very first bloggers I ever subscribed to in my google reader and I've been following her blog for nearly as long as it has been running.

Well this month, Freckled Nest turned 5 and to celebrate LA did the coolest thing and gave back to everyone by posting a free ad on her site. For new blogs like Project:Lorna, taking out a paid advert is a little risky while I'm still working out what the heck I'm blogging about so a freebie like this has allowed me to test the water and get a taste for the kind of exposure advertising could bring.

A huge thank you has to go out to LA for her warm generosity in hosting us all on her site and if you are here from Freckled Nest - HI!

This weekend: Part 1

On Saturday morning (or at least it was planned to be morning but I think in the end it was early afternoon) I visited the Craft Central Gets Hitched handmade wedding fair in Clerkenwell.

Please note: I AM NOT ENGAGED!

I just fancied a morning of looking at things. I say that because I use this blog to keep in contact with people I no longer live near, and I don't want you to feel that you missed out on big news!

I ended up buying some pretty things.

Firstly I bought a silver leather bow hairclip from Hatastic!

And I bought 2 beautiful handmade notebooks from Virgina McArdle which I will be using to capture blog ideas.

I managed to hold off on buying anything else on sight but I am sorely tempted by some of these beauties.

Product of your environment's laser cut gold mirror acrylic necklaces revealing your true identity:

Caroline Watson had some beautiful jewellery on display. She had a lot of work featuring her swallows but there was a necklace featuring a wolf howling at the moon that had me asking her if she could take card payments!

Printed Wonders had some lovely looking stuff and I was gutted to have missed the gocco workshop last week :-(

Something that I would definitely like to do if I ever do get married, is to commission something by Janet Stahelin Edmondson to capture any lace that I use. The vases on display were simply stunning.

 Amanda Li Hope and some simply stunning jewellery was on display, particularly the XX range and a very beautiful ring:

On Friends

How awesome are friends? Isn't it funny how you often find just the friend you need at just the point you need them. And what joy and comfort a friend can bring you.

When you think of all the people you meet in day to day life it makes it impossible to imagine how your life became somehow entangled with some people and not with others. And when you spend all day in the company of people you literally have to be paid to hang out with, it is so refreshing when you encounter a colleague with whom you can converse with easily without resorting to talking about work.

The best bit about my friends is that I can not see them for any amount of time yet when we hang out again it is like we were together just yesterday. And who doesn't love that moment when you glance at your watch and realise that what felt like an hour with good company was actually an entire evening.

I used to think I was a person with a very small circle of friends, and at several points in my life so far that has indeed been the case. But right now I feel so happy to have a wide group of people I would consider to be friends. I have someone for nearly every conversation I should wish to hold right now, and people with whom I can do nearly every activity I would wish to undertake. I have friends I speak to daily, and some I only see once or twice a year, and many something between the two.

I would like to sincerely thank all of my friends from the bottom of my heart for making my life so much richer for being in it. I love you all very much and can't wait to hang out with you all again soon!

On colleagues

Colleagues: generally people you have to be paid to hang out with.

(the "sharp end" pencil sharpener is available from gadget stores and online retailers)

The majority of people at work will remain faceless cogs in the corporate machine yet some shine out. The difference between a happy workday and a barely bearable workday hinges on the people you work with. And given the sheer amount of time spent at work it is important to make acquaintance with at least a few of them.

I have been fortunate enough during my short career to meet some people that I would more than happily spend time with without financial incentive. I miss some of my old colleagues dearly, and I have today said goodbye to someone I'm going to miss incredibly.

Tonight I raise a glass to gainful employment for forcing me into the company of some truly remarkable people that I am so lucky to have the honour of knowing.

Birthday Month: Celebrate Videoblogging

Phew this birthday month posting is becoming very tiring indeed. It was my intention to do a post for every day of my actual age. As I have decided to shave a few years off my age this year I am going to start as I mean to go on. This will be my last birthday month post and tomorrow we will return to our (ir)regular "schedule".

One of my favourite things on the internet at the moment are videobloggers.

Elise Blaha Cripe

update #8 walk-through from elise blaha on Vimeo.

Elise is one of my favourite bloggers anyway but her recent video series on keeping a summer mini book is outstanding. Better yet, you can buy your own mini book and keep it alongside the video series!

I go by Katie

My Beatrix from Katie Kukulka on Vimeo.

Katie is amazing. She has such a distinctive style, hand makes the coolest looking moccasins, has recently collaborated with my all time most favourite blogger, Elsie Flannigan of A Beautiful Mess, and she has a super cute daschund called beatrix.


pi day from love elycia on Vimeo.

I love Elycia and her video blogs range from weird talents to DIY tutorials. Elycia is getting married this week so go wish her congratulations!

Videoblogging goal
My goal this year is to start videoblogging here on Project:Lorna!

P.S. I emailed all of these bloggers before posting this and I felt like I'd been contacted by celebrities when they got back to me!

Birthday Month: Celebrate Podcasts

Sweet Disposition, the podcast featuring yours truly discussing chocolate, has had a good month.

The most recent episode features the Flake Allure:

Listen to it here:

Sweet Disposition - Alluring (mp3)

You can listen to the whole Sweet Disposition back catalogue here.

My goal for Sweet Disposition this year is to get it a proper home on the internet.

Happy Thursday: Vegetables

For those of you that are partial to a decent vegetable, these deconstructed salad shots from Sweet Paul magazine are rather tasty.

via Oh Joy

Birthday Month: Celebrate Music

A wonderful thing happened last week: Ludovico Einaudi hit the top 40 with I Giorni.

Radio One DJ Greg James played the song all week as his "study break" song and it charted at 32 on Sunday 12 June.

It's always a worry when someone you like becomes mainstream that the magic will be lost. On this occasion though I think it's pretty unlikely that Einaudi is selling out pretty soon.


To see Einaudi live again this year

Birthday Month: Celebrate TV

My top 10 TV shows through my life have been:

1. Clarissa Explains it All

I loved this show as a child and having rewatched the first series on DVD I was shocked at how much of Clarissa I tried to emulate years later as a teenager. Particularly the outfits. Oh god the outfits!

2. Dawsons Creek

I remember dashing home from band rehearsals to watch Dawson's then spending all day talking about how dreamy Pacey was. Who knew that these bunch would end up marrying Tom Cruise, become an oscar nominated actress and mother to the amazing Heath Leger's child, married to Diane Kruger and um... star in a Ke$ha video!

Bonus points if you were addicted enough to tune into Young Americans too:

Yes that is a young Kate Bosworth and Ian Somerhalder. I loved that show but I was the only one as it was axed after just 8 episodes :-(

3. Sex and the City

Worth watching for this Tracy Feith dress alone, but the sartorical stylings of Patricia Field are pure genius. As was the original format. Such a shame they made those films.

4. The OC

Two words. Adam. Brody.

5. 24

The Jack Bauer Power Hour. One of my favourite memories of uni was trying to watch a whole season in one sitting while eating only Ben and Jerry's ice cream. Good times. I still haven't watched season 5 and beyond which is a travesty!

6. The West Wing

I love the West Wing for both the quality of the show itself, but also for introducing me to the movies of Rob Lowe from the 80s. St Elmo's Fire anyone?

7. CSI

CSI:NY and Miami are ridiculous but the original show is fab for dipping in and out of.
Also, is it weird to have a crush on Gil Grissom?

8. Mad Men

Another show that I am far behind in watching so no spoilers please. Worth watching for the fashion alone but this is gripping stuff.

9. Glee

It has it's cheesy moments but the witty one liners of Sue Sylvester make this a must see show. And in keeping with a trend I have noticed building through this list, Darren Criss (aka Blaine) and the fashion of Emma Pilsbury are also well worth sitting through the camembert.

10. Boardwalk Empire

I just realised that these are all American shows. I think that is because I like to watch a DVD box set rather than be tied down to a TV schedule.

I also love British comedy, particularly panel games such as Mock the Week, QI, Have I Got News For You and anything with Charlie Brooker or David Mitchell.

My goal this year is to watch TV being filmed.

What is your favourite TV show?

Editted to ensure the consistency of the numbering system!

Birthday Month: Celebrate Film

Film is such a diverse medium that I find it much harder to pick a favourite compared to music, tv or books. I think that perhaps it is because there is are more variables for comparison. By this I mean that I can like a film by virtue of it's story, the characters, the emotion, the cinematography the soundtrack or the experience I had when I watched it. Some films tick all of the boxes and they are truly great, but sometimes films are so bad they're enjoyable.

A few favourites that I could think of:

500 days of summer

When I watched this film it was pure perfection. I love the soundtrack, the film is beautiful to watch with some brilliant direction and a fantastic dance scene. I love Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt immensely and if I could live in this film I genuinely would. I'm not convinced of how well this will age especially given it's strong ties to a very specific moment in my life but for now its a firm favourite.

 Donnie Darko

Do not watch the directors cut, stick with original, ignore Drew Barrymore's awful acting and be baffled by what is going on.


I watched this recently and thoroughly enjoyed it as a feel good action film that doesn't take itself seriously. I loved Natalie Portman in a very refreshing role after black swan and dude has an amazing body!

My goal this year
My goal for film watching this year is to watch 10 of the classic films I haven't already seen in the afi top 100 films.

Birthday Month: Celebrate London

Birthday Month: Celebrate the grim north - Beerwalk

The day after Whit Friday is the Saddleworth Beerwalk.

Basically, this event is an 11 mile walk around the villages of Saddleworth. The participants are in fancy dress and most people collect money for charities along the way. The walk is helped along by more beer than you can shake a stick at and is such a fun event for everyone involved.

This year, the Boy and I went as Lady Gaga and the skeleton tattoo dude from the Born this Way video:

Gaga doesn't have bald dogs in the video but we decided not to let that stop this photo from going ahead. It's not often we're the same colour scheme as the lads:

The make up was done by yours truly and the response was so fantastic I am considering a second job as a make-up artist. We actually made a small child cry at one point.

The theme this year was Crawl of Duty: Black Hops so there were plenty of people in camouflage. My favourite costumes were a little more creative.

This Marge Simpson outfit was incredible.

The team efforts were often the best.

We didn't see this group of tetris blocks put themselves together but we did wonder how they would manage toilet breaks in those outfits.

Gingers 4 Justice were the most hilarious group who chased me up a hill to give me a hug and declare me "safe now"!

The views of Saddleworth make some of the uphill struggles, like Lark Hill, worthwhile.

Last year was our first year doing the walk and we had no idea what to expect. This year, as seasoned veterans, we were much more confident and collected on behalf of Merlin. Collecting put a completely different spin on the event for us because it meant that we interacted with onlookers a lot more than we did when we simply walked.

Children held all of the donation power as they had been given pocketfuls of change by their parents. With hundreds of collectors to share their money amongst it was funny to see the different ways that the kids determined who to donate to. A lot of them would only donate if they got a sticker in return, which put us at a disadvantage as we hadn't really noticed the sticker phenomenon last year. Next time we'll be well prepared! Others went on the quallity of the outfit, with one girl so enthralled by us she followed us round and emptied her entire bag of pennies in our buckets. Some children decided to give a penny to eveyone that went past until they ran out and some didn't have a system at all.

In total we collected £27 , which weighed a lot when carried 11 miles in a bucket.

If you would like to donate to Merlin, you can do so directly on their website:

Alternatively, you can sponsor me as I attempt to climb the equivalent height of Everest in one day (as part of a team of 10) on an indoor climbing wall in July/August. Leave a message on the wall saying hi to me so I know that you've sponsored me. None of the money you sponsor will go towards the cost of the event, it is 100% going to Merlin to do wonderful things with. Every little helps so please consider giving today.

Birthday Month: Celebrate the grim north - Whit Friday 2011

This weekend is one of my very favourite weekends to be up north. It's Whit Friday and the Beerwalk around Saddleworth.

Whit Friday is an amazing day to be in the villages around Saddleworth. In the morning, the churches parade their banners around the village accompanied by a brass band. Some of this bigger villages have multiple churches and bands and converge on Uppermill village, but I played at Denshaw which is quite a small affair. I was too busy playing my cornet to get any pictures other than this quick shot, which I think aptly captures the chaos that is playing with Shaw Youth Band!

Following the morning march, our band goes out for a catch up lunch because we have all gone our separate ways now so we often only see each other at Whit Friday and Remembrance Sunday. Once again it was fab to see familiar faces and hear what everyone is doing.

In the evening, every village hosts a march contest and bands come from across the country and even some international bands come over to take part. Bands play and march down the street to show off their deportment, then play a well-rehearsed contest march that is adjudicated "blind" by a judge that often sits in a darkened room above the hosting pub or in a caravan nearby.

Rainford Band marching at Denshaw.

Friezland Band on the contest stand at Denshaw.

Uppermill Band playing their contest march at Denshaw.

The events are brilliant to take part in as a player because you dash round the villages in a coach trying to cram in as many contests as possible. I have many fond memories as a youth player with Wardle High School bands doing the classic countermarch at Friezland.

The contests are pretty enjoyable to watch too, as there's a very relaxed atmosphere at each contest. Beer is copious and you are allowed to drink anywhere outside. Each village has a variety of hot food sellers with at least one bbq and some places, like Delph, have a hog roast. All you need to do is find a decent spot to hunker down and watch band after band play for you. Some of the best bands in the country compete, like the famous Brighouse and Rastrick Band who won a lot of prizes this year, but some bands also put together comedy bands who tie together a costume theme with their street march. Boobs and Brass have done Whit Friday a few times and I'm sure I saw a band last year march to the "here come the girls" song off of the Boots adverts. The comedy band I saw this year was Hula Hopes who all looked a little chilly:

Tomorrow: the Saddleworth Beerwalk!