Crochet Nightmare

Okay, so this isn't that much of a nightmare because I think that I enjoy the process of crocheting a whole heap more than I enjoy the finished product, but I've had to redo the same scarf so many times now its getting a bit demoralising.

I bought three balls of a really lovely ribbon-like bamboo yarn on sale several months ago and have been looking for the right pattern to make it up into a lovely lightweight springtime scarf. Pattern found, I started to crochet. Three rows into it, it became apparent that the pattern was loads wider than I wanted. A couple of hours work was thus unpicked.

Then I remade it half the width and loved it. Only one ball into it and it was not one third of the length that I needed for the scarf. It was clear that with the amount of yarn I had, this scarf wouldn't even go around my neck.  Another few hours gone. At least at this point I got a picture!

Third attempt and this was perfect. I like the new pattern even more than the first one and it takes up heaps less yarn. As I started the third ball of yarn I can see the end in sight. And then disaster: I spot not one, not two, but three mistakes within the first 10 rows of the piece. Arrrggghhhh. I'm at the point where I cannot be bothered to unpick the whole thing again so I'm thinking of just replicating the mistakes at the other end for symmetry and just living with the imperfection. I don't think it's too obvious:

What would you do? Unravel to start again or embrace the individuality of the piece?