Bank Holiday Weekend - Part 2

Welcome to the second part of my fantastic Bank Holiday Weekend.

Oops, I bought another bento box - at what point do you have to say you have an addiction? But who could say no to a cute pink panda bento on sale?

I picked up some beads for an upcoming craft project and while I was in the bead shop I laid eyes on these cuties. I don't have anything planned for these little ones but I'm sure I can find a use for these at some point.

I stopped in my tracks when I saw Laduree in Covent Garden, the shop is so beautiful and perfect. Sadly I couldn't really justify the expense of the macarons so I had to satisfy myself with pictures and a longing glance!

I still don't know what bubble tea is, even after peering in the window of bubbleology for ages until the Boy pulled me away. Can anyone explain to me, what is bubble tea?!

We stopped off at CyberCandy for some Wham bars and got a bit carried away. Did you know that these are 20p up t'north and 25p in London? I'll make a note to stock up next time I visit, although we both got a bit grumpy over Sunday, which we worry is down the copious amounts of sugar consumed via these bars.

We picked up some make up from Screen Face to practice our Lady Gaga Born This Way outfits for the Saddleworth Beer Walk next month and I practiced applying the look. I was really pleased with my first attempt, and my second attempt, on myself, was even better. I hope on the day I can do the shading even better. I won't be practicing again as my face is now a spot farm after just a few hours in the make up.

On Sunday I started a project that I hope will be worthy of Project:Restyle when it is finished. It required a trip to a hardware store to get some wood cut which was very exciting. When it's finished I'll do a before and after reveal as I am very excited about it!

On Monday, I had a well deserved lie in followed by a long hard climb at Arch Climbing Wall with Team Merlin. Don't forget to sponsor us in our outrageous attempt to climb the equivalent height of Everest in just on day.

To top off an amazing weekend, we recorded another episode of Sweet Disposition. This week we discussed Cadbury's Shortcake Snack Shots. Give it a listen:


I hope you had an amazing bank holiday weekend too.