We want to be breakfast people

This past week, the boy and I have eaten breakfast out a lot. First we had guests staying with is so we took them for brunch at Cote in Ealing which was yummylicious.

On our way back from Cote we also passed Carluccio's which also had a delightful looking breakfast and the boy turned to me and said: "Let's become breakfast people Lorna".

Our biggest impediment is being rubbish at getting up but our batch of days off has allowed us to be very decadent with our time and today we returned to Cote with our housemate. I ordered off menu which turned out to be a very wise move as my sausage croissandwich with scrambled egg was just what the doctor ordered.

Slightly less glamourous, we also had a breakfast when we went to IKEA earlier this week to pick up my Expedit for the spare room. Sadly, it was out of stock so we'll have to go back again tomorrow and hopefully by the end of this long weekend, our spare room won't look like this anymore: