Book Review: The Year of the Flood

The Year of the FloodThe Year of the Flood by Margaret Atwood

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I re-read this after reading Oryx and Crake and I have to say this transformed the book making the second reading just as enjoyable as the first.

I loved the way this book wove in and out of the storyline of the first book and knowing what had happened added a darker edge to this reading.

My love of the god's gardeners had abated a little, perhaps because of what I knew of the involvement of the MaddAdam group in the end of the world? I don't know.

However, what I do know is that during this reading of the book I started to get paranoid about the inevitable end of the human race through some kind of epidemic and have started to keep my own ararat and practice skills that may help me when the illness strikes. Is it weird that a work of fiction has that effect on me?!

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We want to be breakfast people

This past week, the boy and I have eaten breakfast out a lot. First we had guests staying with is so we took them for brunch at Cote in Ealing which was yummylicious.

On our way back from Cote we also passed Carluccio's which also had a delightful looking breakfast and the boy turned to me and said: "Let's become breakfast people Lorna".

Our biggest impediment is being rubbish at getting up but our batch of days off has allowed us to be very decadent with our time and today we returned to Cote with our housemate. I ordered off menu which turned out to be a very wise move as my sausage croissandwich with scrambled egg was just what the doctor ordered.

Slightly less glamourous, we also had a breakfast when we went to IKEA earlier this week to pick up my Expedit for the spare room. Sadly, it was out of stock so we'll have to go back again tomorrow and hopefully by the end of this long weekend, our spare room won't look like this anymore:

Royal Wedding Bunting!

So I'm not all that into the royal wedding but I have been wanting to add some bunting to our hallway to brighten up an otherwise dark space and this seemed like an appropriate time to share it:

Hope you're all having a lovely day off, we are!

The London Coffee Festival Weekend

On Saturday, the boy and I, the housemate, the boy's brother, a uni friend and her boyf all headed down to Brick Lane (again!) for the London Coffee Festival.

Entry was £6 and we stayed for about 3-4 hours. The big brands were there as well as lots of boutique and independent coffee shops and food retailers. We tried loads of samples and although nothing blew my mind I had a real good time and came away with a full belly and happy memories. We even got a wristband so it felt like an actual festival festival! 

I managed to leave my phone and purse at home which made meeting up with friends a right nightmare but aside from that hiccup we all had a fab time.

For lunch I had scallops which were cooked to perfection and served on a shell. I didn't have enough hands to photograph the actual scallops! I also had some risotto balls, very yummy.

The boy had a hog roast:

And we managed to avoid the temptation of these delicious looking pastries:

The weirdest thing we tried was coffee caviar. I don't have the picture that was taken of us trying it, I'm sure the look on our faces was a picture indeed because it was certainly more enjoyable to watch them make the "caviar" than it was to have it in our mouths!

My favourite stall display was the KeepCup tree:

The Festival was split up into 3 zones, which made wandering around enjoyable because as soon as you started to get bored there was something completely different to look at:

To top off a fantastic weekend, the housemate made a fantastic roast dinner on Sunday:

Hope you had a brilliant weekend too!

Touching base

via youmenow

Cor blimey, I am still getting used to the concept that I live in London, isn't that crazy?

So I still haven't worked out a schedule, I have never had a proper routine which is a little worrying. Hopefully one will begin to emerge and Project:Lorna will feature prominently in it.

I have been really getting into Project:Nails recently, and I plan to get a functioning link added to the blog, maybe this weekend if I can engage the brain!

This week:

  • I spoke to my mum lots, and she has been making huge progress with her bionic hip which is real good news
  • I finished reading The Year of the Flood and intend on doing another review on Goodreads (I hate the idea of saying it's a review, I have very little to say in the way of a genuine review and pretty much say that I loved or hated a book, its more a reminder to myself that I read a book). In fact, the tube is excellent for getting me reading again. 
  • I'd also like to start crocheting on the tube too. I have a bamboo yarn that is crying out to be turned into a lovely spring scarf.
  • I have been dreaming of making myself a handbag for taking to work. I am even considering butchering my current bag and harvesting it for hardware in the name of recycling.
  • I still haven't made any progress on the bedroom decoration - there's too much to do and I am completely uninspired!
  • I went to see Source Code at the cinema. I wanted to love it because of beautiful Jake Gyllenhaal. Oh well, at least he is still good looking.
  • I had a picnic in the park for lunch and then our boss allowed us to have our team meeting there too. Working in the sunshine is amazing. As was my lunch from Whitecross Street Market: a beef sandwich but with a yorkshire pudding instead of bread. And a quiche. Yes, I now have a Buddha belly!
  • Aunty Patti had us round for dinner this week and I took a gluten free chocolate and raspberry cake from Whitecross Street for dessert. Fun was had and copious amounts of cake consumed.
No wonder I ran out of time for blogging hey?

Tattoo Love: delicate wrist stripes

This tattoo feels really delicate and feminine to me, I love it.

Sadly, I saw it on ffffound so it is virtually impossible to track it down to its original poster :-(

Funniest Google Search

Kealah of Little Chief Honeybee posted this Google search results screenshot and I found it too amusing to not share with you: