Learning Photoshop and shots of London

I don't know if you've noticed but I've been attempting to use photoshop to make my photos look a bit better.

I normally pick up software pretty easily but photoshop has me pounding my keyboard in frustration in next to no time at all. The picture I put together for the cabaret post took like 3 hours. And its pretty much worthy of going on Photoshop disasters. And then I discovered actions.

I haven't used many actions at all but this action was responsible for yesterday's polaroid loveliness!

Here are some more pictures from my jaunt around London town with some actions applied to them:

This London Cab really was red. This action also made it look like it came out of the 70s.

This picture of the St Katherine Docks elephants was really dull because of the overcast day. I don't know how it has done it but the action applied made the detail visible again.

These 2 shots of me playing around with suits of armour show the effects that actions have on colours - the same cardigan looks completely different. Which do you prefer?

I only took this shot because I am a Rochdale girl and Rochdale is the birthplace of the cooperative movement. 

Finally, I had hoped that this action would turn the sky blue to make you think it was lovely spring day. Instead it made the paintwork pop which I liked just as much.

The great thing about photoshop actions is that they are as easy to apply as the filters are on apps like instagram