I guess we're all the same

This too cute for its own good picture has been doing the rounds of late and everyone who has posted it feels like it has described them exactly. Sadly, I have nothing more to add to this discussion other than it is totally me too!

Last week I attended a training course at work and halfway through an activity I demanded everyone in the room look for my pencil as it had gone missing and I wasn't continuing without it. Some helpful people actually got down onto the floor for a closer inspection of the drop zone should it have fallen to the floor. After a couple of minutes someone kindly pointed out that I had stuck it in my hair to hold up my bun. Ooops!

Thanks to Chibird for drawing it and thanks to Kealah for introducing me to it.

And while we're on the subject of animations that hit the nail on the head of human idiosyncracies, check out this hilarious animation by Kris Atomic: