I started a tumblr to keep in contact with  my friend Jen who is a beauty addict enabler! The idea was that we could still see each other's nails through the tumblr but we've both been a bit slack so its mainly for inspiration.

However, those cute nails up there are all my own work so go check them out at

Tutorial round up

Spring has most definitely arrived in London and I am definitely in the mood for a spot of crafting. 

If you are looking for some things to make, consider some of these projects:

Megan Nielsen did 5 projects out of one pair of ripped tights. Now that the weather is warming up, don't throw away your winter tights that have too many holes to bother trying to darn (as I did just last week: kicking myself now they would have been perfect) try a headband, socks, a ruffled tank top, a necklace and some wings!

If you want to make something slightly more substantial, try this tote from Say Yes to Hoboken:

And if you want a bespoke bag to protect your camera but don't want to make it from scratch, try Valerie's tutorial on turning a regular bag into a camera bag here:

I guess we're all the same

This too cute for its own good picture has been doing the rounds of late and everyone who has posted it feels like it has described them exactly. Sadly, I have nothing more to add to this discussion other than it is totally me too!

Last week I attended a training course at work and halfway through an activity I demanded everyone in the room look for my pencil as it had gone missing and I wasn't continuing without it. Some helpful people actually got down onto the floor for a closer inspection of the drop zone should it have fallen to the floor. After a couple of minutes someone kindly pointed out that I had stuck it in my hair to hold up my bun. Ooops!

Thanks to Chibird for drawing it and thanks to Kealah for introducing me to it.

And while we're on the subject of animations that hit the nail on the head of human idiosyncracies, check out this hilarious animation by Kris Atomic:

Learning Photoshop and shots of London

I don't know if you've noticed but I've been attempting to use photoshop to make my photos look a bit better.

I normally pick up software pretty easily but photoshop has me pounding my keyboard in frustration in next to no time at all. The picture I put together for the cabaret post took like 3 hours. And its pretty much worthy of going on Photoshop disasters. And then I discovered actions.

I haven't used many actions at all but this action was responsible for yesterday's polaroid loveliness!

Here are some more pictures from my jaunt around London town with some actions applied to them:

This London Cab really was red. This action also made it look like it came out of the 70s.

This picture of the St Katherine Docks elephants was really dull because of the overcast day. I don't know how it has done it but the action applied made the detail visible again.

These 2 shots of me playing around with suits of armour show the effects that actions have on colours - the same cardigan looks completely different. Which do you prefer?

I only took this shot because I am a Rochdale girl and Rochdale is the birthplace of the cooperative movement. 

Finally, I had hoped that this action would turn the sky blue to make you think it was lovely spring day. Instead it made the paintwork pop which I liked just as much.

The great thing about photoshop actions is that they are as easy to apply as the filters are on apps like instagram

Brick Lane Graffiti

I got a bit carried away taking pictures on Saturday after the cabaret brunch. Brick Lane and its surrounding areas has a lot to offer on a weekend afternoon and I hope to one day frequent its vintage clothing markets and maybe enjoy a curry. 

I'll be in the area the week after next for the London Coffee Festival but until then I'll leave you with a few pics I took of the artwork in the area.

Brunch and a Cabaret

Yesterday, the boy and I took ourselves off to Brick Lane for a champagne brunch and cabaret show at The Brickhouse. The restaurant is amazing. The boy had a delicious vegetable gratin with goat's cheese while I had chicken Parisienne. It was divine and the service was excellent. We would definitely go again, especially if we can get vouchers for it as we did on this occasion.

What a few weeks

I cannot begin to describe the past few weeks, but it is safe to say that they have been busy and emotional.

I have finished working up t'north and began a new full time position working in the City. This is very exciting and I am looking forward to being in the same place all the time and this should hopefully enable me to get into a productive routine.

Sadly, mummy bear has injured herself rather seriously and was forced to undergo major surgery in the land of Oz no less. She is now home and is getting used to her new hip!

I hope to get back into a blogging schedule now that I live in one home. First priority: sorting out the bedroom, it needs finishing off desperately.

Thank you for bearing with me during this time and I hope to have some posts coming your way soon.

Book review: Oryx and Crake

Oryx And CrakeOryx And Crake by Margaret Atwood

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I actually read Year of the Flood before this book, which is the wrong order but I don't think it makes too big a difference.

Margaret Atwood's vision of society in the not too distant future and post apocalyptic world is terrifyingly possible. Big corporations running the world is the natural conclusion of business today and Atwood is clearly concerned about where genetic engineering is heading. Although the world she creates is appallingly abhorrent, I love being immersed in it. Atwood's command of the English language makes reading even squeamish topics enjoyable.

I love the story and the characters and how its written which makes it, in my opinion, a perfect book.

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Somewhere comfy to read yo books

One of the features my dream house has is a totally amazing reading nook.

This example is worthy of my dream house:

From Book Lovers Never Go To Bed Alone

The braids are taking over

There's nothing new about my love for braids, a quick glance at my archives show I toyed with a braids Wednesday for a while. But recently they have blown up around the blogs.

The always amazing Elsie Cake posted how to style maiden braids:

The super cute Danielle posted how to style milkmaid braids:

And then she was so kind as to do a wrap up of everyone's lovely attempts at the style, you should check it out here.

And the lovely Chelsea welcomed in this week with a lovely post filled with braid lovelies like this:

How much do you want to braid your hair today?

A giveaway you might be interested in

If you liked the MaryMaryHandmade etsy shop I blogged about a few months ago, then you may just wee yourself a little in ecxitement to hear about Dainty Squid's Happy Sloth Necklace Giveaway!

Get yourself over to Dainty Squid to enter asap!

A feminist late to the party

I am a feminist. I think everyone should be a feminist. Because who honestly thinks men are better than women?

I guess quite a lot people judging by the gender pay gap and the number of female MPs, board members and managers in general.

Who thinks it is okay to beat a woman, rape her or deny her the right to make choices about her own body? Sadly, lots of people obviously think so and its time this changes. I don't think its a case of changing how society thinks about women, but also what we think about men.

Yesterday was Feminist Coming Out Day and I wish I could have posted this in time. Because I missed it I figured I would instead share the wonderful TED talk by Eve Ensler: Embrace your inner girl.

Go girls!

Loving the doglets

With my mum in Australia, I've been looking after her dog as well as my own recently. Subsequently, anything with a dog in it is catching my eye of late.

When I saw the Chini Project on Shrimp Salad Circus I squealed with delight and emailed the link round to anyone who had met my dog as the subject of these awesome is a Chinese Crested.

If only GwilDog was this creative ;-)

Desperately Seeking Mamma Biscuit is my dream dog blog. Mamma biscuit is a very cute dog and she has been rescued from a puppy mill. She has an incredibly snappy wardrobe but I personally love her au natrale:

Edit: oops the link to Mamma Biscuit's blog was wrong - this has now been foxed so you can discover the delights of the biscuit!

I also love the adventures of the hound at the Shop Dog Blog. This hound gets the run of a lovely florist shop owned by Miss Pickering and is so photogenic as well as living a superhound lifestyle!

What are your favourite dogs on the internet?

Etsy Lovely: Stag cushion

I saw this and immediately wanted it. What more can I say other than there are heaps more lovely items at the Finders Keepers Etsy shop.