Adventures in Patchwork

After winning a place on Rachel Denbow's Modern Patchwork ecourse, I was chomping at the bit to get stuck in and have a go at some of the beautiful projects. Having read the course materials I felt like I had all the knowledge needed for patchworking so it was just a case of finding something to sew. Sadly, I don't have much in the way of a fabric stash. All I have are a random pile of aprons from the 70s that are so eye wateringly bright with over the top floral prints. They are no way appropriate for decor, especially in a house of boys.

It came to me in a flash: use the skills Rachel teaches to come up with a patchwork cover for the binder I'm using as a diary that restyles the old garish aprons into something useful and pretty. I chose my favourite apron (its the background of my blog header no less!) and picked it apart.

Apologies once again, all pics are done on my iPhone so I used Diptic to make them a little prettier.

I came up with a pattern, Rachel explained it in a way that made this bit easy peasy, and off I sewed. In the end I only used the apron straps, the pocket and the green binding tape leaving me with a nice healthy sized piece of fabric for future projects. The turquoise fabric is leftover from a project I did at high school and its actually the wrong side of the fabric, the right side has a printed pattern on it. The cream fabric is a bit of canvas-type material that was left over from the lining of a handbag I made a few years ago.

The finished product:

Its not perfect but boy do I love it. I started on Saturday evening, worked on it sporadically and had it finished by Sunday afternoon. On the whole it was a painless process even though I made a few silly mistakes along the way that could have been easily avoided by thinking about it.

I'm going to do a proper project of Rachel's soon enough, I cannot recommend Modern Patchwork highly enough and I'm hoping that the apron used in this project is suitable material for the Project Restyle flickr group.