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When I read blogs through Flipboard on my iPad (which is awesome by the way, its revolutionised my reading patterns entirely), when I come across something I might want to blog about later I email the link to myself. I attach a brief note to explain why I like it and what I want doing with it.

The link to this image was accompanied by the following text:

"This makes me wish for a black and white dog to coordinate with my rooms".

What did you just say?

Obviously, what I meant to say is that I wish I had a room to coordinate with my black and white dog!

That's better!

Adventures in Patchwork

After winning a place on Rachel Denbow's Modern Patchwork ecourse, I was chomping at the bit to get stuck in and have a go at some of the beautiful projects. Having read the course materials I felt like I had all the knowledge needed for patchworking so it was just a case of finding something to sew. Sadly, I don't have much in the way of a fabric stash. All I have are a random pile of aprons from the 70s that are so eye wateringly bright with over the top floral prints. They are no way appropriate for decor, especially in a house of boys.

It came to me in a flash: use the skills Rachel teaches to come up with a patchwork cover for the binder I'm using as a diary that restyles the old garish aprons into something useful and pretty. I chose my favourite apron (its the background of my blog header no less!) and picked it apart.

Apologies once again, all pics are done on my iPhone so I used Diptic to make them a little prettier.

I came up with a pattern, Rachel explained it in a way that made this bit easy peasy, and off I sewed. In the end I only used the apron straps, the pocket and the green binding tape leaving me with a nice healthy sized piece of fabric for future projects. The turquoise fabric is leftover from a project I did at high school and its actually the wrong side of the fabric, the right side has a printed pattern on it. The cream fabric is a bit of canvas-type material that was left over from the lining of a handbag I made a few years ago.

The finished product:

Its not perfect but boy do I love it. I started on Saturday evening, worked on it sporadically and had it finished by Sunday afternoon. On the whole it was a painless process even though I made a few silly mistakes along the way that could have been easily avoided by thinking about it.

I'm going to do a proper project of Rachel's soon enough, I cannot recommend Modern Patchwork highly enough and I'm hoping that the apron used in this project is suitable material for the Project Restyle flickr group.

Catching up

Hey there, I've done loads of stuff I need to blog about over the next few weeks:
- my first efforts with patchwork from the Modern Patchwork course
- my attempt at a beehive ( see below for a quick peek)
- tutti fruity nails
- my interpretation of the make up inspiration I've been posting
- my homemade iPad case

Please note that my beloved mother has headed off on her jollies to Australia and taken my camera with her so most of my posts will be illustrated with the best my iPhone can achieve. I have also fallen in love with the Diptic app after the recommendation of Danielle of Sometimes Sweet. My first effort is rather narcissistic but so pretty even if I do say so myself!!!

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Unconventional Organisation

My heart misses a beat when I see a photograph of a beautifully organised space. Pretty drawers set my pulse racing. But the creative repurposing of a pretty object into something functional sends me into a frenzy.

These simple white teacups on a metal tray house were featured as part Mindy Miller's feature post on Elle's Studio.

Its not rocket science by any stretch of the imagination but it a simple yet striking way to display and organise the prettier elements of a crafting stash. Easy to replicate if you have the space.

Workspace to swoon over

This beautiful office featured on Little Bits of Lovely makes me swoon.

Look at all that vintage goodness, Look at the dress form and fabric. Look at the typewriter. Its all stuff I want but I know I won't use.

I actually own a typewriter two typewriters but do I use them? No.

I've come to realise that I love objets d'art that allude to an activity that I wish I was indulging in that I currently am not. This image encapsulates that entirely. Next time you see an image of a room and swoon, study it more closely, does it suggest that activities that you wish you did more frequently take place in the room? Instead of spending money on trying to achieve the "look" wouldn't it be cheaper and ultimately more satisfying to do more of the activity modelled by your favourite rooms?

Maricor Maricar

What Katie Does posted about MaricorMaricar last week and I am speechless about their beautiful work.

They have some amazing papercuts:

Amazing use of colour in embroidery:

And fantastic use of type throughout:

They have a portfolio and a shop if you need more of this in your life.

More make up inspiration

I obviously love this make up style:

Wardrobe inspiration

My wardrobe is currently in pieces on our bedroom floor. When I broke it down just over a year ago I carefully collected all the screws and related hardware and put it in a very safe place. Now I need to put the wardrobe back together I cannot find the safe place! :-( I even searched a heavily spider-infested garage for them. So while my clothes languish all squished up in the boy's wardrobe, I'm coveting this bright, airy and colourful wonder:

loveisabigfunnyword via hitchcock blonde

I know I couldn't keep a wardrobe like this tidy enough, I definitely need doors but its nice to see how the other half live!

Tips for the time poor

Tips for the time poor (TFTTP) is going to be a recurring feature of Project:Lorna. I long to fulfil my creative needs by making beautiful things by hand and, in the words of Rachel Denbow, become "the creative director of my surroundings". But I consider myself to be time poor, or in other words, busy.

I actually have heaps more time than lots of people because I am too lazy to fill my schedule with social or productive activities. So I'm going to use some of my time to help those who genuinely are time poor to try out tutorials and crafts and pass on what I learn in an pseudo scientific manner.

As I mentioned yesterday, I wanted to make a knitted cord for my heart garland. I'm not a natural knitter and my hands get all clammy at the thought of trying: all my previous efforts at learning have ended in teary tantrum. However, I was given a French knitting dolly for Christmas and as I have had some success with knitting looms, I considered this to be the obvious way to get something I have personally knitted into my house.

Doesn't that picture suggest a blissful domestic situation of gentle crafting with my loving dog curled up beside me? Yes that's how I thought it would have panned out too.

When scheduling goes bad

When I saw this Valentine's tree on Elle's Studio recently, I put a reminder in my calendar to do it because my lovely step-dad bought me a pink tree in the January sales this year and I thought it would make an excellent opportunity to crack it out rather than waiting til next Christmas.

What I did not take into consideration while on my organisation kick was the fact that to do this in time for Valentine's I would have needed to do it before last Wednesday when I was last in the same city as the tree.

I guess I will have to wait til next Christmas now after all!

Happy Valentine's Day

Hope you all have a lovely day. I am in the wrong part of the country to celebrate with the boy but hopefully we will make up for it at the weekend.

The crochet heart tutorial on A Foothill Home Companion is excellent. The hearts were quick and satisfying to make.

I had hoped to knit the garland using the French knitting dolly I was given for Christmas but it was taking way to long for the length I needed for this garland. I gave up and crocheted the garland in white wool.

Lots of love,

Lorna and Gwildog xxx

Fashion perfection has been achieved

I make no secret of the fact that I love Elsie Flannigan with a passion. I want her life. Seriously.

But now she has gone and ruined clothes for me: never again will I look at a dress without comparing it to the perfection that is this super cute yellow chevron dress.

Gah! What are the chances that with the P&P to the UK I will be able to afford this beauty? Le sigh!

6 Confessions

Stamp can be bought here found via pinterest.

Leigh Ann did a rather fun little confessional and I thought that it was just the kind of band wagon I wanted to jump upon.

1. I love stamps and stickers and have a huge stash but never use them because I am too impatient to get good results from stamping and hate actually using my stickers, I prefer them on the sheets than on what I stick them onto!

2. I really, really, really want pink hair.

3. I open sweet packets at the bottom rather than the top. This annoys lots of people but I think it is more practical.

4.  Last week I ate a whole box of Cadbury's chocolate fingers to myself. In 10 minutes. Oops.

5.  I still feel like I'm role paying when I act like an adult, especially at work. It gives me great pleasure to do something at work that was part of my role playing as a child like stamp things or use a stapler!

6. I dream of being super fit and sporty because I want my body to last for a long time and all that... but when I actually try to exercise I remember that I hate the feeling of getting out of breath or sweaty. Its a shame really.

Obsessed with clouds?

It's true, I am clearly obsessed with overly cute clouds, bonus points if they have facial expressions!

When I saw these hand carved rubber stamps (you read that correctly... new hobby?!) I fell in love. 


They remind me of the clouds on the nails I posted below.

Memi has made a huge array of rubber stamps that are quite simply stunning. She sells a tutorial on how to carve your own rubber stamps here. If that seems like too much work, you can buy the beauties and some hand stamped pretties from her etsy store.

Oh! Beautiful nails

I’ve just found the tumblr of Wah Nails based in London (conveniently where I live... hmmm see where I’m going with this?) and the nails are rather cool.

These grey beauties and cloud nails could not go unblogged!

The beauty of simple garlands

It was Lobster and Swan's birthday last week and she made this pretty garland out of the envelopes of her cards:

I love it when people do things that are so simple it seems almost silly to pass it on. So not only can you recycle the cards you receive into tags, but you can use the envelopes too!

Recycling is pretty.

Belated happy new year of the bunny

So I wasn't going to make a song and dance about the Chinese New Year.

And then I saw this knitted bunny diana warmer and I was forced by the cute to share:

These decorated Diana cameras are to advertise the Frankie Diana World Tour.

So gosh darn excited!

You won't bloomin' believe it.... I won a place on the modern patchwork course!

Over 800 people entered with myself and seven other lucky entrants winning a place. I am in serious shock at my amazing good fortune. I am not a natural winner.

Many thanks to the uh-may-zing Rachel Denbow for this brilliant opportunity.

Just this evening I was telling Nikki that I couldn't afford to attend a quilt making workshop in London due to limited funds in my bank account. Thank you universe!

News from the front lines

Tonight on our way home I made the boy stop and oggle at the window of a patisserie in Soho. A rather dapper French gentleman then stopped us to tell us that although the patisserie appeared genuinely French, it was not the case and that the quality of the products was not particularly high. We ended up walking the gentleman home and conversed with him about the evolution of the local patisserie and then languages and then his career in fashion working for Yves Saint Laurent. It was such a random yet lovely encounter the boy said I should blog it and here I am attempting my first post it on my iPad.

I've had a busy week with an even busier weekend ahead but I hope to post my ramblings soon and get back to my (cough) regular schedule this week because I love being a blogger so I ought to do some blogging!

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Loving the quilts

It feels like there has been a quilt festival over the past month, so many people have either taken up the art or they have been showcased in inspiring home décor posting. As I wasn't aware of the trend until the tail end I haven't saved any images or links to prove this point.

However, one quilt that has definitely stuck with me is Elise's mega quilt that she appeared to make in a matter of days (who knew that was possible?):

So now that people are forming an orderly queue to learn to quilt, who better to learn from than the amazing Rachel Denbow?

And guess what? She is giving away 3 free places on this awesome looking e-course and I am not ashamed to say that this post is motivated purely by the desire to win one of these places. If I had a little more disposable income at the moment I would have signed myself up already but instead I'm relying on lady luck to send me the skills to make that beautiful cross quilt.

Fingers crossed!

Wise words to explain my MIA

Last week I found something out that pretty much shook my blogging philosophy to its core.

I have since been trying to put together the words to describe what happened but I don't think I've fully learnt the lesson I was meant to from the episode. Perhaps tomorrow.

While I work out what the wonderful world of blogs means to me I was moved by this statement by the phenomenally intelligent Seth Godin:

In and out

That's one of the most important decisions you'll make today.
How much time and effort should be spent on intake, on inbound messages, on absorbing data...
and how much time and effort should be invested in output, in creating something new.

Totally me. Time for some output again.