Tattoos, birds and the combination of styles

I saw this beauty of an image last week on hitchcockblonde:

It reminded me of my desire to get a flock of birds tattoo in the ilk of these last year:

via we♥it

via we♥it

via we♥it

via we♥it

via we♥it

Birds tattoo and other attributes

found on we♥it and is taken by Kaha Didi

As well as my simmering love of these silhouetted flock tats, I also hope to one day be tattooed by the absolutely amazing Amanda Wachob:

Something about the watery inkiness of the initial bird picture at the top of this post reminds me of Amanda's work and in my dream life the two tattoo ideas would be combined into an abstract artfulness of awesome somewhere on my upper back. I do believe that my excitement at such a prospect temporarily disengaged my vocabulary cortex. I'm back down to earth seeing that the likelihood of me getting said tat is severely hampered by the following facts: 
  • Amanda tattoos in Daredevil Tattoo in New York, which is somewhat of a trek from London
  • She is booked up 5 months in advance making coordinating a trek to NY, NY slightly more complicated
  • Her hourly rate is $300 and I do not appear to have won the lottery this week

Please note: I tried to track down the origin of the images on these posts but the nature of tumblr and we♥it meant that I thought the best referencing would be to show where I first found the image if I could not link back to the original. I apologise to the talented photographers who ended up uncredited and if anyone knows the original sources of any of these images I would gladly reference them.