Let the sweetness rain down upon me

I am having a major love of all things that hang from the ceiling at the moment and these cloud mobiles from the absolutely adorable etsy shop The Butter Flying have seriously caught my eye!

There's a huge selection of colour ways available in the shop (aren't the gold clouds fantastic!) and if the colours you're after aren't on the site you can put in a custom order for something to match what you're after. If you'd like to see more of the mobiles in their natural habitats, check out the designer's blog.

I am starting to worry that I am lusting over items for a children's room, I even love children's IKEA too. One day I'll desire something a little more mature and nuanced. But not until I've hung confetti systems, paper poms, paper cranes and pretty cloud mobiles from every available ceiling!

When are sweatpants appropriate?

The Boy loves wearing his "fat pants" around the house and they do rather live up to their name. Not that I'm Little Miss Prim and Proper in the clothing department by any stretch of the imagination but I've allowed leggings to replace joggers as my comfort bottoms of choice.

However, this beautiful outfit on ♥Charlie breaks the mould on the lazy day outfit.

I can't help but wonder what she wore on her feet as I think that would be the deal breaker on this outfit if worn out of the house but there's no denying the cuteness of this outfit. I personally loathe to be in shirts and blouses as I find them too restrictive but I'm sure a nice basic tee would work almost as well with the cute cardigan.

What do you think, has this made sweat pants acceptable?

Tattoos, birds and the combination of styles

I saw this beauty of an image last week on hitchcockblonde:

It reminded me of my desire to get a flock of birds tattoo in the ilk of these last year:

via we♥it

via we♥it

via we♥it

via we♥it

via we♥it

Birds tattoo and other attributes

found on we♥it and is taken by Kaha Didi

As well as my simmering love of these silhouetted flock tats, I also hope to one day be tattooed by the absolutely amazing Amanda Wachob:

Something about the watery inkiness of the initial bird picture at the top of this post reminds me of Amanda's work and in my dream life the two tattoo ideas would be combined into an abstract artfulness of awesome somewhere on my upper back. I do believe that my excitement at such a prospect temporarily disengaged my vocabulary cortex. I'm back down to earth seeing that the likelihood of me getting said tat is severely hampered by the following facts: 
  • Amanda tattoos in Daredevil Tattoo in New York, which is somewhat of a trek from London
  • She is booked up 5 months in advance making coordinating a trek to NY, NY slightly more complicated
  • Her hourly rate is $300 and I do not appear to have won the lottery this week

Please note: I tried to track down the origin of the images on these posts but the nature of tumblr and we♥it meant that I thought the best referencing would be to show where I first found the image if I could not link back to the original. I apologise to the talented photographers who ended up uncredited and if anyone knows the original sources of any of these images I would gladly reference them.

News from the front lines

This week I was going to take a photo everyday so I could demonstrate what a wonderful and productive week I was having.

Sadly I did not take any photos so I thought I would draw my week. Then I remembered that my drawing skills are comparable to those of a 7 year old, and not one of those prodigal kids who can recreate a Monet accurately enough to fool art historians, more the 7 year old that struggles to hold a crayon the right way up.

So deciding against embarrassing myself in front of my one reader, even though they have already seen my artistic efforts, I am simply going to regale you with my tales of fun and frivolity.

Monday: Had a lovely lunch with a good friend, cheap as chips too due to the impact of the credit crunch on pub restaurants.

Tuesday: Today I wore my hair real cute and felt that my general attire was well worth taking a photo of but didn't get my act together until the sun had set and decided it wasn't worth it after all.

Wednesday: My mum felt unwell this morning but as I wasn't at work I was able to nurse her back to health (sort of) before I drove down to London, singing along with the radio and generally enjoying the time to myself. Was treated by The Boy to a burrito when I finally made it into London Town and felt rather full afterwards.

Thursday: I worked from home with a VPN which was rather exciting in a nerd kind of way. It was lovely to "be at work" with the Gwildog for company and this was documented for posting on Twitter.

Then The Boy brought a pretty bunch of orange gerberas home with him so I got to play at flower arranging and add even more greenery to the flat.

Friday: A day of blitzing the flat, particularly the spare room but everything was thoroughly scrubbed. The shower screen was scrubbed of all the limescale watermarks and it turns out it is clear glass and not opaque as the chaps had assumed it was!

Saturday: Woken up by the fire alarm at 8am because the flat upstairs had burnt their toast but it was a blessing in disguise. We jumped out of bed, got ourselves down to the tip to get rid of some of the defunct items that were cluttering up the flat. It feels amazing to have got the dead cross trainer out as it takes up sooooo much space! We of course needed a reward in the form of a double sausage and egg McMuffin meal (I know its bad for you but I love it too much to turn it down) and got the shopping out of the way with. The
Boy's parents came over in the afternoon at about the same time as my best girlfriend turned up so there was a little moment of chaos but I managed to get many opinions on the arrangement on my picture wall and hung the pictures despite my house guests. Then me and my bff went out for sushi and the chaps had a manly fry up to make up for the huge hole I leave in their lives when I leave the house without them. All round an excellent evening was had even if the flat still has the smell of bacon in the air!

Sunday: The Boy's dad came round to do some much needed DIY and the flat is really coming together as a home. All that is left to do is build the wardrobe and then everything else is aesthetic. Cannot wait to be able to give everything a home, makes it so much easier to find things! The day was topped off with a trip round to Aunty's house for a lovely meal with all the family around the table. Lovely jubbly! A night on the laptop has lead to some productive blogging and some ideas for posts next week that might have a bit more substance to them. No promises though.

Interior Love: Maps + Paper Birds = Perfection!

Feeling the interiors love lately, probably something to do with finally having my furniture in the London flat. This picture of Florence Rolando's guest room featured in Design*Sponge got my pulse racing and as we have a couple of maps to frame and hang, I think that they will have to accompanied by some kind of paper bird installation:

I do not have a daughter that needs a room redo but hopefully that won't stop me getting some paper pom poms hanging up at some point:

Interior Wildlife

I am desperately coveting these duvet covers from Skandivis that I discovered via Lovenordic Design Blog

The Boy doesn't like our current bedding on the grounds that it is "too crinkly", i.e. the cotton isn't soft enough which I think is caused by the fact that all of our other bedding is at least 5 years old and has been tumble dried to within an inch of its life making the new fabric seem almost paper-like in its luxurious thickness! It doesn't help that our drier is broken so it isn't getting any softer.

Sadly I don't think I could convince the Boy to splash out on this bedding so instead I will comfort myself with other wildlife images that wouldn't look quite so perfect on a set of bedding. Sigh.

Beware of the cuteness: these paperclips will break your heart!

Officially the world's cutest paperclips:

If you need these beautiful paperclips in your life beware: it will cost over $22 dollars to ship them outside of the US which put these firmly out of my price bracket.

If you have an infinite stationary budget or live in the US where they are heaps more affordable, head over to Midora to buy them.

Many gracious thanks to Twig and Thistle for brightening my day with this exquisite find!

Make-up inspiration

I've been feeling recently that I really want a defined style with my make up, probably inspired somewhat by Elsie's recent make-up features.

I currently apply foundation to even my skin tone, blusher to give me some colour and mascara to make eyelashes visible. I am clearly not doing anything to achieve a specific style but as I have a natural look I wouldn't want to suddenly turn up to work looking like a drag queen!

I have been noticing pretty make up details of late and the image that most accurately sums up what I would ideally wake up looking like is the beautiful and rather stylish Avant Style:

I've only just found her blog since her name change so I am looking forward to more inspiration from her this year.

The obvious change to my make up routine that this would require is the addition of some impeccably applied eyeliner. Not such a big change so it should be doable over the next few weeks. If I manage to apply it in a straight line anytime soon I will try to document the success for you to marvel at soon.

I realised during the writing of this post that I love this look because it reminds me of the adorable Amy Adams' make up in the wonderful film Enchanted:

I rewatched the film over the festive period and I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed it. I love Giselle's optimism and I believe in her philosophy that love needs to be worked at by showing the person you love how much you love them everyday. It may be overbearingly cute but I guess that is my taste.

And while we're on the topic of make-up inspiration from movies of a questionable calibre, this is definitely a look I would like to recreate:

This is a bit more earthy than the pinky palettes above and a tad more grown up than the previous looks. I think this is a great everyday look that wouldn't be a huge burden on my early morning routines.

Over the next month I will try out both of these looks and if they are mastered I will share the results.

Are any of you trying out anything more adventurous than this? Have you any make up resources that you could recommend?

New posting schedule

via fffound

Shock, horror I have devised a posting schedule of sorts.

To share or not to share?
I have reservations about posting a formal schedule as it will provide a reference point should I fail to stick to it. However, there are many good reasons for sharing goals and intentions, the main one being the embarrassment of such a public failure being a key motivator for success.

One of my biggest fears in sharing plans like this is that I didn't get them right and that I should keep tweaking it and try it out before I post it. This this sort of quote from Ali Luke really resonated with me today and the whole article convinced me to press "publish post":

The insistence of getting things right first time is a short cut to getting stuck and staying mediocre.

Oh you actually wanted to see the schedule?!

This is the first time trying this so it is a little vague. I'm building in the fact that as I start to stick to a schedule I will tweak it to fit in with what I can achieve/want to do etc etc.

Monday = a post about fashion, beauty, health etc.
Tuesday = a pretty picture
Thursday = something awesome that I discovered as part of my blog obsession
Friday = a post about interiors or crafting
Sunday = some kind of summation of my week

I am of course not limiting myself to just these posts as only Sunday's post actually indicates any real input about me. I anticipate most posts to be ad hoc responses to life, the seasons and current affairs I cannot schedule them without knowing the future. And if I knew the future I would be off raking in big wads of cash rather than publishing a posting schedule.

Five posts a week!!!

I appear to have committed to doing five posts a week and even a simple cursory glance at my blog archive will clearly reveal that the closest I got to this kind of dream was reverb10: a guided project that was abandoned as quickly as it was taken up. So if I couldn't keep up with a regular prompted posting schedule for 31 days why do I think I can keep this demanding schedule up? I clearly don't but I also have optimism by the bucketload and a week's worth of scheduled posts to give me the comfort of knowing that I should at least be able to keep this up for 7 days which in my eyes is sweet success!

Let's tell better stories

via fffound

Last year I tried to join in with LA's 4 Stories series. I have to admit it that my first attempt was not exactly an overwhelming success. The above image reminded me of this endeavour and as practice makes perfect I figured the best thing to do would be to try again but this time setting my own topics.

Watch this space for 4 stories v.2.0!

Typography tattoo

I heart typography tats and want one real bad.

The only thing that is stopping me is I have not found a phrase that resonates with me strongly enough to permanently commit to my flesh. Oh and choosing a font, that would be real tough too!

So as soon as something suitable comes along I may be tempted to indulge.

Colour of the year 2010

I love this colour of the year round up, not because I care about or like the colours so much but I simply adore the way the results of the survey have been presented.

Random resolution: At some point this year I will summarise some element of my life in such a colourful and visual manner.

Welcome to 2011!

What I’ve been up to in 2011 (to be followed up with photos when I’m finished)

I have been working on my diary for 2011, which is still a work in progress, and thinking about my goals for the coming year.

Thoughts on not completing the #reverb10 challenge

The #reverb10 project got me to thinking because I started off crazily enthusiastic but it quickly dwindled out. At one point I thought about rebelling and I jumped off the wagon when we were asked “if you could introduce yourself to strangers by another name for just one day, what would it be and why?”

The prompts after this included pick one photo from this year that best captures you, and pick your defining moment this year.

Something about these kinds of prompts did not resonate with me.

I opted out of name prompt because I like my name. When creating my online personas, including this blog, I could have chosen another name. But I didn’t; I chose my own. And that is the only discussion I want to have about my name.

I am not a single moment. I firmly believe that we are the sum of our cumulated experiences. I think that our routine has the biggest single impact on our lives than any big or sudden experiences. And no one thing or photo can sum me up.

The main thing that really forced me to bow out of #reverb10 was that I realised that the introspective navel gazing of reverb really wasn’t where I want to go with Project:Lorna. I loved that reverb prompted me to the best line I’ve ever written and for that I am grateful but I will not be continuing with reverb11 that is apparently starting very soon.

About Project:Lorna in 2011

I’ve been doing a lot of research lately to ensure that I start off on the right foot with this little blog of mine, including the excellent Blog Love ecourse, and one thing that I clearly need is a raison d’etre. The main reason I want to blog may sound a little bit crazy but I can’t help but feel that it will give me the accountability needed to achieve many of my goals. Typing that makes me feel a bit silly actually and that the logic that a blog will make me happy is the same as saying that I will be happy if I lose weight/win the lottery/have cosmetic surgery. But even so, most of the blogs I read are about women doing the things I want to do in my life and I can’t help but want the same badge of success on the internet showing the world that I got off my sofa every now and again. So if a pretty shiny blog is my motivation I should roll with it, even if I do think I sound like a sorry life coaching book from 2008.

I recently came across NubbyTwiglet’s blog and these articles about online branding and personas found me at just the time I needed them. This really cemented for me that quitting reverb was the right thing for me. It wasn’t in keeping with what I want to put out there. It did not fit in with my vision of the “brand” of Project:Lorna (and right now the concept of a brand for PL is quite laughable, if it existed I wouldn’t have needed posting prompts in the first place methinks).

HBR recently posted an article about breaking down the barriers between online and offline life that threw a bit of a spanner in my thinking of projecting my best self into the internet. I agreed with the article and am incorporating it into my philosophy because I think that the connection between online and offline personas runs both ways. I want Project:Lorna to be a happy, creative and productive place because I believe that by controlling who I am on the internet will directly shape who I am in “the real world”.

How to recycle your Christmas cards into gift tags

Last year my lovely mother couldn't bear to throw away the Christmas cards she'd received and even putting them out with the recycling felt like such a  shame given how pretty some of the cards are. So she decided to recycle them as gift tags for this year's presents. They worked so well that I am converted to the concept and thought  I would show you how as it is ridiculously simple.

Step One: Select card

Step Two: Cut up the card into gift card shapes (like rectangles)

This depends on the card, work with the image and cut around it. You can see in these images some sprout tags in the background, this card made tags of different sizes to ensure there were sprouts on each tag.

I decided with this card that by cutting it into quarters I could get 3 good tags out of it.

Step Three: Punch a hole in the tag

Step Four: Thread string/wool/ribbon through the hole

This step is actually optional because I thread them straight onto the ribbons that I wrapped around the presents so it depends on how you like to attach them.

A really easy way to use the beautiful cards your friends and family gave you this Christmas!

Happy New Year!

I have been unplugged over the festive period to enjoy some quality time with my family and friends.

I have some exciting news and some planned posts that will be heading this way soon enough.

My Christmas presents totally rocked this year. The boy excelled himself and got me 2 awesome presents. Firstly, a project:lorna engraved iPad! Oh yes! Okay, that was just me gloating but I am currently working out how to get the most from the prettiest piece of technology I ever held in my hands.

He also got me www.projectlorna.com so I am currently working on applying it to the blog. Whoop whoop!

I have a tutorial planned, and I am considering joining in with Project Restyle because it looks rather awesome.

Hope you had a brilliant start to the new year and here's to a fantastic 2011.